The ŠKODA KAMIQ: Your Travel Buddy for Urban Adventuring

The ŠKODA KAMIQ: Your Travel Buddy for Urban Adventuring

This is the ŠKODA KAMIQ, the new model combining the benefits of a robust SUV and a compact passenger car. It boasts a greater ride height, offers more comfort as you’re getting in, and offers a better view out. Take a look at how well suited it is to city life.

21. 8. 2019 Models Kamiq

Congenial and considerate

Modern cities need modern heroes. But it’s not just about keeping up with the times. Heroes need to know how to embrace opportunities and be in the right place at the right time, but also when it’s better to wait and let others go first. It’s not important for the ŠKODA KAMIQ to be the first across the finish line. The main thing is to get there with a smile and on time, while making sure everyone around feels good.


Clear-cut lines and neat surfaces

Much like modern architecture, the timeless design of the ŠKODA KAMIQ will captivate you no matter what angle you’re observing it from, or under what light. The rear lights, with their traditional but newly innovated C-shape, clearly manifest ŠKODA’s design genes. Its dynamic and robust appearance is the epitome of the compact urban SUV class. 


Sensitive to its surroundings

Rushed, tense and impatient, but also motionless and stiff – such are modern cities. The ŠKODA KAMIQ’s adaptive cruise control and automatic transmission can easily bring the car to a halt when it reaches a line of waiting cars, and can set it in motion when the traffic starts moving. The KAMIQ is perceptive and clever – it recognises not only cars, but also motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles and e-scooters.


Ready for new adventures

What’s the best thing about living in a city? Running away from it, of course - if you have the right buddy. The ŠKODA KAMIQ is ready 24 hours a day to take you beyond the limits of the hustle and bustle of the postmodern age. Roof racks come in handy every time you want to venture out into the countryside and have some fun. You can easily transport your skis, snowboards, golf clubs or pushchair without compromising on luggage space.


Easy tailgate control

When it comes to everyday life in the urban jungle, the 400-litre luggage compartment will give you all the space you need, especially as it can expand to a very generous 1,395 litres if you fold the rear seats down. It even comes with an extra convenient feature: you can open and close it remotely with your key, a great time-saver when you need to throw something in or grab something out of the boot.


Finding a moment to relax

Sometimes it’s nice to take your foot off the accelerator, stop for a while and just relax. Whether you are driving or have stopped for a break, you’ll always feel great inside the ŠKODA KAMIQ, thanks to seats upholstered with high-quality Suedia microfibre to round off the pleasant ambience. 


Nimble as a cat

The compact dimensions of the ŠKODA KAMIQ are perfect for nimbly navigating the narrow streets and parking with ease in underground car parks and at shopping centres. The elevated seats give you a better view of how much room you have to manoeuvre the car, and make getting in and out that much easier.


Always charged

You’re setting off and then you remember that you forgot to charge your phone! The ŠKODA KAMIQ has your back with several USB C ports, and for those travelling in the front seats there’s also a Phone Box for wireless charging. Just stick your phone in there and let the car do the rest!


Connected with friends

The car’s eSIM card keeps you connected with the world and your friends. The ŠKODA KAMIQ is constantly updating information about what’s happening on the road and can adjust your route should the traffic ahead come to a halt unexpectedly. A high-quality internet connection is available to all passengers via the internal Wi-Fi hotspot, no matter whether you’re currently on the road, or taking a break.


Hand in hand with urban mobility

The ability to find a parking spot quickly and reliably without having to drive around in circles looking for a free space – who wouldn’t want that? Harnessing the benefits offered by urban mobility, the ŠKODA KAMIQ taps into its continuous internet connection to tell you exactly where a parking spot is waiting. 



Live the city life to the fullest while staying eco-friendly so that everyone is happy. The designers of the ŠKODA KAMIQ have a sense of responsibility towards the world around them, as evidenced by the demands they place on its modern powertrains, including the ecological CNG 1.0-TEC engine. In fact, the KAMIQ is the first ŠKODA SUV to run on natural gas.


Uphill? A breeze!

Not all roads are flat. Thankfully, the ŠKODA KAMIQ has a hill hold control assist system so there’s no need to be petrified next time you need to tackle a steep slope – there’s no way your engine will stall during a climb. 


For a safe reunion

The ŠKODA KAMIQ will stay safe while you run your errands in the city. The keyless KESSY system automatically turns off the signal broadcast after 15 minutes of inactivity, which decreases the risk of theft and saves your battery at the same time!


On top of the situation – and then some!

It can be a bit of a squeeze in the city. Often there’s nothing for it but to park on the kerb, and that’s precisely where the higher ground clearance of the modern urban SUV comes in. On top of that, the ŠKODA KAMIQ’s advanced electronic driver-assists can deal with both parallel and perpendicular parking automatically. Take your hands off the wheel, your feet off the pedals, and let the ŠKODA KAMIQ do its stuff.