How Did the ŠKODA KAMIQ Influence the Influencers?

How Did the ŠKODA KAMIQ Influence the Influencers?

They rack up views, likes and comments. Their playgrounds are the internet and social media and they’re known as bloggers, YouTubers, or more generically as influencers. ŠKODA Storyboard invited two of them to come and take a look at the new ŠKODA KAMIQ ahead of its world première.

27. 2. 2019 MODELS KAMIQ

Jens Stratmann (Voice over Cars) and Israel Salas Santana (Fuelvein Motorsport) made a flying visit to the Czech Republic, where they were given the opportunity to spend some time alone with ŠKODA’s new urban SUV. They used their time in the studio to get some pictures taken, film some shots and, most importantly, explore all the ins and outs of the new KAMIQ.

They praised the red car’s exterior and interior, sat at the wheel and on the rear seats, inspected the door-edge protectors, and checked out the size and shape of the luggage compartment. Obviously, they also took a look under the bonnet. They recorded all of this so that they could pass on their thoughts to their viewers, readers and followers.

Jak ŠKODA KAMIQ ovlivnila influencery?

Interview: Jens Stratmann

What were you expecting of today’s secret photo shoot?
I was expecting to have a studio and plenty of time to grapple with the car on my own, so that I could create some content for my channel, and that’s exactly what I got.

And what were you expecting of the ŠKODA KAMIQ itself?
I already knew that the KAMIQ shares the same platform as the SCALA and that these two models have similar interiors. And yet, from the outside, they look completely different. I was surprised how much the front sections of the two cars differed from each other. And I can say the same of their rear sections. All in all, my expectations were more than met.

What do you think of the fact that you’ve been given this opportunity?
I would say that I definitely have the best work in the world because I don’t see it as a job – I’m simply doing something that I love. And when you’re in that position, you’re not actually working at all. Instead, every day is a chance to explore something new. Journeying to the gorgeous Czech Republic has been an expedition in itself. Prague is stunning and I love the country and the local people. This entire project with ŠKODA KAMIQ has also been an adventure.

Jens Stratmann
Voice over Cars


Interview: Israel Salas Santana

What were you expecting of today’s secret photo shoot? and what were you expecting of the ŠKODA KAMIQ itself?
Within minutes of knowing that I would be one of the first to see the new ŠKODA KAMIQ, I was already looking for the concept of the car to get an idea of what it would be like. The concepts are usually quite different when they finally become a production car. But when I saw the front of the KAMIQ, I fell in love. It has remained quite faithful to the initial ŠKODA Design sketch, and I thought that the aesthetics would be one of the main points making it stand out from the rest of the compact SUVs on the market.

Israel Salas Santana
Fuelvein Motorsport

The interior is quite wide when you consider how compact the KAMIQ is. I particularly liked the seats, which looked very sporty and were quite comfortable, and the Virtual Cockpit, with a large central screen that I would say is well positioned.

Another detail I liked was the door-edge protectors, which pop out when you open the doors and then hide when you close the doors so subtly you hardly notice. It may seem like a simple detail, but for a compact SUV, where your home will be the city, it's something very much in your favour.

Its reduced size and the height off the ground are two factors that make the KAMIQ a perfect SUV for the city, but without having to give up long trips or off-road getaways.