First Sketches of the ŠKODA KAMIQ

First Sketches of the ŠKODA KAMIQ

Two sketches of the ŠKODA KAMIQ, the new urban SUV, offer a glimpse of what it will look like. Check them out and read what the designer thinks of the sketching process.

30. 1. 2019 MODELS KAMIQ

The ŠKODA KAMIQ SUV is another car speaking – and adding new accents to – the ŠKODA design language. The most striking new feature is the horizontally split headlights.

First sketches of the new ŠKODA KAMIQ: Outlook of the rugged city SUV

Oliver Stefani, ŠKODA Chief Designer said: “In our new KAMIQ city SUV we’ve implemented a completely new headlamp configuration. The two-part headlamps with daytime running lights above are a first for ŠKODA. They give the KAMIQ a unique appearance and represent another interpretation of our successful SUV design language.”

Another bold component on the fascia is the broad grille featuring the double ribbing common to all ŠKODA SUVs. The side profile will reveal the high bonnet and balanced proportions of the entire car, while highlighting the new model’s dynamic and sporty concept.

The rear lights will retain the C-shape – the tell-tale sign of a ŠKODA, but this will be freshly interpreted. An eye-catching feature on the fifth door will be the ŠKODA name in letters in the centre. The new ŠKODA KAMIQ, an urban crossover, will be making its world première at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Světová premiéra nového crossoveru: ŠKODA rozšiřuje svou rodinu modelů SUV

The sketches of the ŠKODA KAMIQ you are looking at were drawn by Antti Mikael Savio, a ŠKODA Design team member. Read the exclusive interview he gave to ŠKODA Storyboard.

Antti Mikael Savio
exterior designer

How important is sketching in the design process?

It’s an essential part of the design process. Every car design starts on paper, which is the fastest way to communicate. When we sketch, we transfer an idea into a visual shape. This hints at what is about to happen to the brand identity.

What does every proper car design sketch need to have?

It needs to have a clear idea, emotion, and should propose some new design features. The key elements are harmony and desirable proportions. The sketch has to inspire people into wanting what it represents as a final product.

What is specific about car sketching compared to other kinds of sketching?

In my opinion, there is little difference between car sketching and drawing other things. The aim of a sketch is to capture the essence. The nub of a car sketch is to bring something unexpected and new to the field of car design, and you can also see those same rules in almost any other art form.

Antti Mikael Savio

What does sketching mean to you?

It’s like breathing! It’s the most natural way for me to express myself.

Did sketching bring you to car design, or did cars lead you to design and sketching?

Hard to say. They came together. I’ve always sketched cars, ever since I was a little boy...

What inspires you in your sketching?

I would say music and beautiful objects. Sometimes something as simple as an inspiring conversation can do the trick!

Press release: First sketches of the ŠKODA KAMIQ: Outlook of the new city SUV

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