ŠKODA’s New SUV Named the KAMIQ

ŠKODA's New SUV Named the KAMIQ

The ŠKODA KAMIQ will be ŠKODA’s third SUV on the European market. The little sibling of the KODIAQ and the KAROQ is to be unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

24. 1. 2019 MODELS KAMIQ

The new European model, then, will be known as the KAMIQ, a name already used by ŠKODA for another model on the Chinese market.

The word KAMIQ comes from the language of the Inuit people living in northern Canada and Greenland. It describes something that fits as perfectly as a second skin in every situation. Reason enough to give the new crossover model for the European market the same name as the SUV already established in China.

Světová premiéra nového crossoveru: ŠKODA rozšiřuje svou rodinu modelů SUV

Another K&Q comboQ

One of the many common denominators of the ŠKODA SUVs is the similarity of their names, beginning with K, ending with Q, and inspired by remote Alaska.

The KAROQ gets its name from the creative fusion of two words from languages used by the original American tribes. One of those words is “RUQ”, meaning “arrow” (part of the ŠKODA logo). Then there is another Alaskan tribe that uses the word “KARAAQ” for “car”.


In the language of the Alutiiq people, the original inhabitants of Alaska’s Kodiak Island, “KODIAQ” denotes the world’s largest subspecies of brown bear.