2019: the year that kick-started the future

2019: the year that kick-started the future

A brand new ŠKODA OCTAVIA, an electrified SUPERB iV, an all-electric CITIGOe iV and the ŠKODA KAMIQ urban SUV. In 2019 ŠKODA presented a number of innovations, giving solid form to many dreams and visions.

23. 12. 2019 MODELS CITIGO

The greatest sense of expectancy surrounded the fourth-generation ŠKODA OCTAVIA. Even before its official launch it charmed three distinctive and very different artists. The result? Innovative works on canvas, acrylic glass and a tablet screen.

The world premiere of the new generation of the OCTAVIA model took place at the National Gallery in Prague. It is mainly the new model’s striking looks that distinguish the new generation from previous ones. It looks a lot more dynamic and self-confident, says ŠKODA brand’s head designer Oliver Stefani.

Fully charged SUPERB iV and CITIGOᵉ iV

The ŠKODA brand took decisive steps into the world of eMobility in 2019. The ŠKODA SUPERB iV with a plug-in hybrid drive combines a 1.4 TSI petrol engine with an electric motor. The upshot is an extremely green ride that does not compromise at all on agility.

The ŠKODA brand’s first mass-produced all-electric model is the CITIGOᵉ iV.

ŠKODA unveiled some more green alternatives at the Frankfurt motor show: the SCALA G-TEC and KAMIQ G-TEC run on compressed natural gas.

That’s not the last of the innovations unveiled in 2019, though. The world got its first look at the ŠKODA KAMIQ urban SUV, and the ŠKODA SUPERB limousine was given a modernising overhaul and welcomed a new family member: an adventurous spirit called the SUPERB SCOUT. The SCALA and KAMIQ models were given a MONTE CARLO design version. And ŠKODA’s VISION iV, an all-electric SUV, is a herald of the future.

KLEMENT – a partner for the city

But looking to the future doesn’t mean you have to forget your roots. Combining past and future was the inspiration for KLEMENT – the ŠKODA brand concept for a green and modern solution to urban mobility.

So far, what most drivers wonder about when they think about the electric future is how charging instead of filling up will change their lives. That’s why Storyboard interviewed ŠKODA strategist Dr Guido Haak, who explained what else eMobility would deliver to drivers: “The first thing you realise when you drive an electric car is how brilliantly dynamic it is.”

Laura and her IT

Talking of innovations, a new data centre was recently opened in the middle of the ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav. At its heart is a super-computer that is currently the most powerful business computer in the Czech Republic. Its processing power measures 2 petaFLOPS, in other words 2 quadrillion operations per second.

By the way, do you ever talk to your car? Most likely everyone does, but now your car is going to start talking back. The digital assistant that has started to appear in ŠKODA cars is called Laura. Remember the name - it's going to come in handy soon.

2019 is slowly drawing to a close, just like this look back at the year’s milestones covered on ŠKODA Storyboard. So, if you’re already packed, set off into 2020, the year when the ŠKODA brand celebrates its 125th birthday. It’s going to be quite a ride!