The All-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA and Its Travels through Time

The All-new ŠKODA OCTAVIA and Its Travels through Time

In the past 60 years, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA has won the hearts of motorists around the world. To mark the world première of the latest generation, read some engaging stories that have the OCTAVIA as their common denominator.

11. 11. 2019 MODELS OCTAVIA

Now that the new generation of the OCTAVIA has celebrated its unveiling to the world, it’s also worth taking a look at the predecessors of ŠKODA’s top-selling model. Here are five original stories whose lives have been influenced by the OCTAVIA. This is a car that has won millions of drivers’ hearts with its practicality, endurance, generous roominess, and wide range of derivatives, such as the RS and the SCOUT. These interesting stories will give you some idea of the model’s entire 60-year history and lift the veil on the testing that has gone into the new generation.

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