Paris Motorshow for Ever

Paris Motorshow for Ever

Did you not make it to Paris Motorshow this year? Don’t worry, you can walk it now in virtual reality. You will be able to transform your bedroom into the beautiful city
of Paris and discover the latest ŠKODA models with only
a few clicks!

20. 10. 2016 Models Kodiaq

This week’s workdays are slowly over and you can feel the tiredness in your body. Even standing up and going to the kitchen to grab a cup filled with tea is too much effort. You turn on your laptop and there it is, with only a few clicks: the Paris Motorshow.

You start clicking, dragging, moving, reading, discovering and surprising yourself while you take long sips from your tea. The SUPERB looks amazing in white, but what about that new KODIAQ color? This car is really green – and beautiful.

The phone rings. The fresh Parisian air around you disappears and you go back to reality. But maybe tomorrow you want to travel back to the French capital and keep discovering the latest ŠKODA surprises. It is never too late to visit Paris Motorshow!