The Future of the RS Genetic Code

The Future of the RS Genetic Code

It has taken its cue from famous rally cars of the past. Its DNA is teeming with sporty RS genes. This is the ŠKODA VISION RS concept study, set to feature at Paris Motor Show. Take a look at how its shapes were born.

30. 8. 2018 CONCEPTS

The ŠKODA VISION RS heralds the future of the Czech brand’s compact cars. As they modelled this car, the team of designers drew some of their inspiration from ŠKODA’s fêted past and 117-year tradition of motorsport. Take a look at how the shapes of the VISION RS concept were born.

The crisply cut outlines and low headlights underscore the dynamic look of the vehicle’s fascia. The rear section is dominated by a diffuser and an aerodynamically optimised roof spoiler. In the development of the car, the designers paid particular attention to its aerodynamics.

The ŠKODA VISION RS concept car is 4.3 m long, 1.8 m wide and 1.4 m high. It has a 2.6 m wheelbase.

“RS”, which stands for “Rallye Sport”, was first used on the ŠKODA 180 RS and 200 RS rally prototypes back in 1974. They formed the basis for ŠKODA’s 130 RS model, which became a rally legend after first seeing the light of day in 1975 and continues to grace veteran rallies with its presence to this day. Find out how this icon handles. Since 2000, the RS legend has been used for exceptionally powerful versions of ŠKODA cars.



Oliver Stefani

ŠKODA Design is nestled in a picturesque setting by the River Jizera in Mladá Boleslav. Is this an inspiring spot for a designer?

Definitely. I love our workplace. My design team and I find it very appealing. While we all look for inspiration in different ways, natural beauty and natural shapes are, of course, also a source of inspiration. But it is also people who inspired us. You can really feel, that here is the place where ideas comes to life.

And you’re cloaked in history here.

Yes, we all have a sense of the tradition and history of the ŠKODA brand. That, too, is inspiring. Take my office, for example – it’s in a villa that's been standing here since 1888. Connection between tradition, advanced technology and people creates unique think tank. Reflecting it in our work, in the future we are shaping, is a great challenge for all the members of my team.

Is that aspect successful?

I’d say so. We try to build on tradition and reshape it. People from all over the world come to work here because of that. They are also attracted by the proximity of Prague and its beauty.


Oliver Stefani
ŠKODA’s Chief Designer

Design is actually an artistic discipline. Is there a bohemian feel to the design department?

We don’t follow a typical office routine here, but we haven’t descended into anarchy either. The creative process requires inspiration, a bit of peace and quiet, and then plenty of discussion, say, when we’re fine-tuning the details. This is all part of the job. I think it is important for us to do everything in a friendly spirit, and in the end you reap the great results of teamwork.

How difficult is it to bring people from different cultures together to form a team in pursuit of the same goal?

Our team of designers is unquestionably international, numbering 26 nationalities. This is enriching and necessary – ŠKODA is an attractive brand and makes cars for the whole world, so it needs to have people with different backgrounds. Their job is to dream. Then we work together to mould those dreams and ideas into a tangible form.

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