This new concept study signals another stage in ŠKODA’s SUV offensive. Let’s take a closer look...

6. 3. 2018 Concepts

The ŠKODA VISION X is a vision of a compact crossover that will soon be joining the KAROQ and KODIAQ to become the third pillar of ŠKODA’s SUV range.

Its kinship with these other models is immediately obvious – a muscular pose exuding confidence and safety, distinctive charismatic creases and swage lines conveying strength and dynamism, and robust details that underline a determination to embark on all sorts of adventures on and off the road. “Emotions are very important for us in our new design language. The concept is well moulded, a wonderful game of light and shadow dances on the athletically modelled surfaces, and the car comes across as a dynamic sculpture,” says VISION X designer Dalibor Pantůček.

Dalibor Pantůček

VISION X designer

The FlexGreen paintwork and anthracite accessories make the VISION X really stand out. The car’s most striking feature is its “face”, reinterpreting the design emblematic of ŠKODA SUVs. The brand logo is proudly placed on the dramatically shaped bonnet over the grille, which itself merits particular attention. “In the VISION X concept, we have introduced not only robust dual crystal bars, but also an entire grille frame made of crystal, accentuated all the more by backlighting. This underscores our most distinctive feature, our history and tradition, and lends the car a unique look,” says Pantůček. The thin daytime running lights, sitting above the headlights, follow on from the grille’s upper line. All the light fixtures are precisely defined in their shape and have been carefully set like gemstones in a necklace adorning a beautiful woman.

One of the most striking features of the car’s rear section, too, is the taillights, which have been split into two segments in this concept. “Though we’ve divided the lights, they still make the traditional ‘C’ shape,” explains Pantůček. “They emphasise how broad the car is and have the magnetism to make it instantly recognisable,” he says as he describes the rear lights. In their upper segment, the signature crystalline pattern that lends them depth and style is unmissable. In short, you’ll know the VISION X is a ŠKODA SUV as soon as you clap eyes on it.

Peter Olah

interior design coordinator

When it comes to the interior, the VISION X has written a whole new chapter. It is best described by interior design coordinator Peter Olah: “For the VISION X’s interior, we have come up with completely new architecture that features a redesigned dashboard while retaining the democratic layout of the passenger compartment typical for ŠKODA. The symmetrical dashboard’s simple contours accentuate width and, in its centre, it gives prominence to the characteristic ŠKODA line emanating from the exterior, where the grille and bonnet intersect. This line is not only stylistic, but also ergonomic, as it supports the hand when you’re operating the large touchscreen.” Physical controls have been kept to a minimum. Instead, all functions are covered by the completely new 9.2” infotainment touchscreen. The driver receives additional information via the digital instrument panel.

Olah highlights another point of interest in the interior: “Besides the glass elements in the doors, on the steering wheel and dashboard, and other smaller details, the centre console extending from the dashboard to the luggage compartment comprises a unique piece of glass that is more than 1.6 metres long. In addition to its aesthetic role, it depicts an animation of energy streams within the car. The console surface is graced by a cut that interprets the traditions of Czech glassmaking in a modern light and was designed specifically for the VISION X. “This element is another part of the crystalline design, which is one of the hallmarks of the ŠKODA brand.

The VISION X also ushers in a completely new concept of digitisation. It looks beyond ŠKODA Connect’s online services by integrating Smart Parking, HoppyGo, TwoGo, and CareDriver – guiding drivers to a free parking space, offering ride-sharing, allowing owners to rent out their car when they are not using it, and arranging for responsible parents’ to have their kids picked up from school when they realise they’re not going to make it.

Another stunning Simply Clever solution for the future takes the form of two electric skateboards stored in the luggage compartment, where they are constantly charged while the car is in use so that, for example, they are ready to transport you with ease over the last few hundred metres to your destination once you have parked in the centre. Alternatively, you may just fancy a bit of skate and a safe adrenaline rush – the kit includes helmets and a camera-fitted drone so you can video your journey.


The VISION X has an innovative drive concept starring a 1.5 TSI petrol engine: 
- It runs on CNG and drives the front wheels via a seven-speed automatic DSG gearbox.
- The rear axle has its own 48 V electric drive, used primarily to boost the internal combustion engine when faster acceleration is required or the 4×4 drive needs to be engaged.

On its own, it propels the car only in slow-travel situations (parking, heavy traffic) or after switching to purely electric mode. This hybrid system makes the VISION X dynamic and agile, yet environmentally friendly, with CO2 emissions of just 89 g/km.

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