The New ŠKODA KAROQ Introduced. Check It Out

The New ŠKODA KAROQ Introduced. Check It Out

Have you already had a chance to see the new ŠKODA KAROQ SUV? A chance to see it very close, both inside and outside? If not, ŠKODA Storyboard offers you a perfect opportunity right now. Ladies and gentlemen, ŠKODA KAROQ is on the scene!

21. 9. 2017 Models

ŠKODA KAROQ is not just a likeable compact SUV with a dynamic look, with which you can enjoy an emotional romance. It’s a real partner for life. You will be surprised how much it is concealed in its appealing shapes. Be it space or technology. KAROQ is the most digitally equipped car in the ŠKODA model range with extensive connectivity. Thanks to the LTE module and the navigation system with WiFi hotspot, the crew is always online. Passengers can enjoy the infotainment system with glass displays or a Phonebox that connects their smartphones to the car’s antenna while charging them wirelessly by means of inductive charging. You can use your smartphone to remotely check the car, configure it and also find its location.

Infotainment equipped with capacitive touch displays


The radiator grille, which is framed by a chrome trim

The traditionally generous offer of passenger space is guaranteed by the 2,638-millimeter wide wheelbase. A typical element of ŠKODA cars features the ‘Simply Clever’ solutions – and the new compact SUV has plenty of them. These include, for example, a virtual pedal for the touchless opening of the fifth door or the optional VarioFlex rear seats. The three separate seats can be individually moved and set or even removed from the car. This system allows to vary the volume of the luggage compartment, ranging from 479 to 588 liters. And when you remove the seats completely, KAROQ is literally transformed into a small van with a 1,810 liters load space.

Digital Instrument Panel - Classic layout


VarioFlex system for rear seats

The car features a wide range of assistance systems for greater travel comfort

The car features a wide range of assistance systems for greater travel comfort. Smart assistants such as Park Assist, Lane Assist, and Traffic Jam Assist will help you with parking, lane guarding or inching in lines. Systems such as Blind Spot Detect, Front Assist with predictive pedestrian protection, and Emergency Assist make driving even safer. Last but not least, KAROQ takes full advantage of the LED lighting of the car through the powerful Full LED front lights, coupled LEDs at the rear and offers the ambient LED lighting of the interior with a choice of colors. For the first time ever, a freely programmable digital board panel is available in a ŠKODA car.


Short overhangs at the front and rear


Two innovative features - the heated steering wheel and personalisable key
Full-LED headlights


Seven-speed DSG gearbox

The chassis will offer a secure and comfortable ride on every surface, aided by the selector of Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual and Snow modes for all-wheel-drive versions. You can choose from five engine versions, including the modern three-cylinder engine, with which KAROQ gains even greater lightness and versatility, an ultra-sophisticated 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a cylinder deactivation system for economical driving, and also a powerful two-liter 2.0 TDI engine with 190 horsepower. In addition to the six-speed manual gearbox, there is also a seven-speed DSG gearbox.

In addition to the six-speed manual gearbox, there is also a seven-speed DSG gearbox

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