The new ŠKODA Superb - Press Kit

› The ŠKODA flagship: new claim in the automotive mid-class segment
› Character: expressive, modern and full of emotion – new ŠKODA Superb revolutionises ŠKODA design
› Upgrade: space giant with the largest interior and boot of its class
› Comfort: new Superb – first ŠKODA with adaptive suspension (DCC)
› Top MQB technology: optimum safety, impressive emission values and innovative connectivity
› Performance: state-of-the-art EU6 engines, up to 30 per cent less consumption; Superb GreenLine with only 95 g CO2/km
› Driving dynamics: up to 20 per cent more powerful; 206 kW / 280 PS top-of-the range engine; new chassis; XDS+ as standard; up to 75 kg lighter; drag coefficient down to 0.275
› Typical ŠKODA – ‘Simply Clever’: 29 practical solutions which make life easier
› Twice as good: two easy-to-reach umbrellas for driver and passenger in the doors
› Success story: more than 700,000 ŠKODA Superbs sold since 2001
› Start: model launch of the third generation in June 2015

Mladá Boleslav/Florence, 23 April 2015 – The name alone is a commitment: a ŠKODA Superb has to be something special. In accordance with this task, the ŠKODA designers and developers have taken the new ŠKODA Superb to a new level in terms of creativity and technology. The ŠKODA Superb is driving the brand forward with its new, modern and emotionally-rich design, its above-average spaciousness has once again been improved and it benefits technically from Volkswagen Group’s innovative MQB technology. Generous dimensions, innovative assistance systems for safety, environment and comfort, powerful EU6-compliant engines and ‘Simply Clever’ details, typical of ŠKODA, move the brand’s flagship to the upper end of the automotive mid-class segment. In short, the new Superb is the best ŠKODA of all time and is the highlight of ŠKODA’s largest-ever model campaign.

The ‘Superb’ name has to be earned by a ŠKODA. Never before have such enormous demands been placed on the design of a ŠKODA, never before has so much new technology been incorporated into the design of a new model. Never before have there been so many ‘Simply Clever’ concepts and never before have the ŠKODA engineers managed to deliver so much space for driver, passengers and their luggage. A whole ‘phalanx’ of new assistance systems from higher vehicle classes is available for more safety, the environment and comfort. The third-generation Superb is more powerful than ever and yet it is up to 30 per cent more economical thanks to new EU6 engines.

Connectivity attains a new quality: the new ŠKODA Superb has a new-generation infotainment system which automatically connects to a smartphone via SmartLink. SmartLink includes MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*, which provide easy access to many apps from your personal smartphone on the car’s display. In addition, the SmartGate function enables accessing vehicle data via your smartphone and using it intelligently with your own apps. The high-speed internet connection also turns the Superb into the first ŠKODA hotspot on wheels. It is clear that the new ŠKODA Superb with its new and modern ŠKODA design will be rolling towards the customers.

“ŠKODA is demonstrating the brand’s new standards in the automotive mid-class segment with the new ŠKODA Superb, its design and technical qualities and its unbeatable space,” said ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “ŠKODA’s experience and passion from almost 120 years of car making have been incorporated into the development of the third-generation model. The new ŠKODA Superb is impressive evidence of the brand’s engineering and design competence. As an important pillar of our growth strategy, the new ŠKODA Superb points to the brand’s future and will attract new private and business customers to the company. ŠKODA is entering a new era with this car,” said Prof. Dr. Vahland.

The ŠKODA Superb has been at the top of ŠKODA’s model range since 2001. To date, the car manufacturer has delivered more than 700,000 first- and second-generation ŠKODA Superbs, making the model one of the most popular vehicles in the automotive mid-class segment.

Customers have always valued the vehicle’s overall package: extremely generous space, a timelessly elegant design, modern, tried-and-tested technology, top comfort, maximum safety, optimum functionality and very good value for money.

The third-generation model is expected to write another chapter in the ŠKODA Superb’s success story. “With the new ŠKODA Superb, we have developed a car that will wow our customers,” said Dr. Frank Welsch, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development. “With its expressive and emotionally-rich design, even more space and comfort, innovative safety technology, top consumption values, sophisticated dynamics and top-class workmanship, the new ŠKODA Superb takes ŠKODA qualities to a new level,” said Dr. Welsch.

A dynamic and elegant design revolution

The ŠKODA Superb’s new design demonstrates the emotional power of the brand. ŠKODA cars have always convinced with a high degree of functionality, reliability and excellent value for money. With the new Superb, ŠKODA is now underlining these qualities with a modern, expressive and emotionally-rich design. The new ŠKODA design language demonstrates assurance, dynamic elegance, balanced proportions and a striking design language. With this, the new ŠKODA Superb brings the exciting design language of the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ show car into production.

“The completely redeveloped third-generation ŠKODA Superb is an exciting saloon full of spirit, class and passion. It has a powerful, poised yet emotionally-rich appearance. The wheelbase is 80 mm longer and at the same time, the front vehicle overhang is 61 mm shorter than before. This new architecture lends the vehicle elegance and dynamism,” said ŠKODA’s Head of Design Jozef Kabaň. “From the front to the back, from the large wheels to the gently rearward sloping roof line, the new model impresses with clear geometry, striking contoured surfaces, sculptural shapes, purist precision and elegant lines,” said Kabaň. Crystalline elements run in detail through the exterior and interior in equal measures, like a common theme. At the same time, the new Superb offers even more space and improved functional virtues. Form and function combine to create a perfect car.

At first glance, the front conveys strength and self-assurance. The wide grille, the wide and distinctive headlights and the cleanly structured, deeply drawn front-end architecture are all designed for increased optical width. At the same time, the striking front mask with radiator grille and brand logo centrally positioned on the bonnet’s nose focuses the expression on the centre of the vehicle’s front. The bonnet is strongly contoured. Two lines running inwards strengthen the powerful impression.

The new Superb’s side view conveys dynamic elegance. The razor-sharp, high tornado line visually stretches the car and works in combination with additional lighter surfaces to achieve effective contrasts between light and shade. The wing line running underneath it accentuates the effect of the tornado line. The car’s narrow pillars, precise and sharp window line and gently sloping roofline with its elegant transition into the large rear window give the car a coupé-like and high-quality impression. The large wheels and striking wheel arches emphasise its exclusive appearance.

The new ŠKODA Superb’s rear is self-assured and powerful. There is also strong emphasis on the horizontal, and the lines are streamlined and clear. The two-part, broad and narrow taillights shine as standard with LED technology and sharply intensify the C-shaped lights that ŠKODA is well known for. At the same time, the taillights benefit from additional brilliance due to crystalline elements. The tailgate’s sharp, horizontal seam gives added spice to the rear.

The completely new interior continues the essential design details of the car’s exterior. This includes the emphasis on horizontal lines, which allow the already extremely spacious interior to appear even more generous and airy. Clear shapes, precise workmanship and the use of new, premium materials lend the interior new quality.

Upgrade – comfort and space in a new dimension

The generous amount of space and the high level of comfort have been some of the ŠKODA Superb’s specific strengths from the very beginning. The third-generation model sets new standards in this respect.

Compared to the already generous space of the previous model, the spaciousness of the new Superb has increased again. The use of MQB has especially contributed to this, enabling a longer wheelbase and wider track and meaning the interior can be used more effectively.

The result is significantly more space in the front and rear. Driver and passenger can enjoy 39 mm more elbow room and more headroom. The space in the rear is almost ‘princely’. Rear legroom (157 mm) is nearly twice as much as the nearest competitor and headroom (980 mm) is more than in any other model in the segment. Elbow room in the rear has increased by 69 mm. The boot capacity is a record in the segment: at 625 litres, it is 30 litres bigger than in the second-generation Superb.

With an array of completely new comfort solutions, the new ŠKODA flagship fulfils the highest demands. The new ŠKODA Superb is the brand’s first model to offer Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) including Driving Mode Select. Completely new air conditioning, including for the first time, the new top-version three-zone air conditioning, ensures an optimal temperature and the best air quality on board. The new ŠKODA Superb is available with an optional electric panoramic glass roof for more comfort and a feel-good factor in the interior. For the colder times of the year, there are auxiliary heating, heated seats (front and rear), a wireless heated windscreen and heated washer jets. The rain/light sensor automatically switches the windscreen wipers on and off and automatically switches between daytime running light and dipped beam depending on light conditions.

ŠKODA further improved the umbrella comfort feature in the side door. Instead of one umbrella in the rear left-hand door, there is now an umbrella in each of the two front doors. The new electric tailgate can be complemented with a virtual pedal. This is particularly convenient, as it enables the boot to be opened by moving the foot in the area of the rear bumper. The electric tailgate and virtual pedal work in combination with the KESSY automatic locking and starting system.

Driving in and out of parking spaces will be more convenient than ever before in the new ŠKODA Superb. The model has the newest generation of Park Assist for automatic parking. Furthermore, the ŠKODA flagship has a rear-view camera for the first time. The classic handbrake has been replaced with a standard electric parking brake in the new Superb.

Connectivity at its best

The topic of connectivity makes its entrance in the third edition of the new ŠKODA Superb. In total, there are four completely new infotainment systems based on Volkswagen Group’s modular infotainment matrix technology (MIB). Compared to before, the new generation of equipment is much faster, with consistently high-resolution touchscreen displays and offering more functions and new interfaces.

The top-of-the-range Columbus system has the option of integrated high-speed internet access based on the LTE standard. This is a first for ŠKODA.

The ŠKODA Superb can be connected to a smartphone for the first time and selected apps can be operated from the infotainment system’s screen. SmartLink includes MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*.

The SmartGate interface, developed by ŠKODA, allows certain vehicle data to be accessed on the user’s own smartphone apps.

The new ŠKODA Media Command app allows the infotainment system to be controlled remotely from the rear seats for the first time. Passengers sitting in the rear of the car can access its functions via their tablet using the new ŠKODA app and Wi-Fi hotspot built into the Columbus infotainment system.

The 12-speaker Canton sound system with its 610 W output turns the new ŠKODA Superb into a concert hall on wheels.

Simply Clever in a new dimension

The new ŠKODA Superb is the cleverest ŠKODA ever. 29 ‘Simply Clever’ features make life easier for driver and passengers. 23 solutions appear in the Superb for the first time, ten of which are completely new features for the brand.

Alongside both umbrellas in the front doors and new options relating to connectivity and comfort, the following new and incredibly practical ‘Simply Clever’ solutions are available: a manually retractable towing device, a tablet holder in the rear, a tablet storage compartment in the Jumbo Box in the front, a USB port and 230 V socket in the rear, single-handed opening for a 0.5-litre bottle and an extra hi-vis vest storage compartment in all four doors. Both of the front and rear doors have space to store a 1.5-litre bottle. The interior’s versatility is increased by the option to fold down the back seats from the boot. The passenger seat can also be folded down. New cargo fasteners secure loose objects in the boot. The Superb now comes with an ice scraper in the fuel filler flap as standard. In addition, there are new storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats, a removable LED torch in the boot and misfuel protection.

Highest efficiency

The new ŠKODA Superb’s new engines offer a maximum of up to 30 per cent lower consumption values and emissions. The ŠKODA Superb GreenLine, consumes just 3.7 l/100 km and emits 95 g CO2 per km. Alongside innovative engine technology, the reduction in vehicle weight of up to 75 kg and the improved aerodynamics also contribute to the low consumption values.

The combination of a performance that is increased by up to 20 per cent, reduced air resistance and a reduction in weight also leads to impressive driving dynamics.

The new ŠKODA Superb has modern, direct-injection turbocharged engines based on MQB technology (five TSI petrol, three TDI common-rail diesel). All powertrains meet the EU6 emission standards and come with stop-start technology and brake energy recovery as standard. The petrol engines produce between 92 kW (125 PS) and 206 kW (280 PS). The power output of the diesel engines ranges from 88 kW (120 PS) to 140 kW (190 PS).

With the exception of the entry-level petrol engine, all powertrains are available with dual-clutch transmissions. Four powertrains (1.4 TSI/110 kW, 2.0 TSI/206 kW, 2.0 TDI/110 kW and 2.0 TDI/140 kW) are available with state-of-the-art all-wheel drive based on the Haldex 5 clutch.

Safety without compromises

The new ŠKODA Superb wows with a level of safety that has not previously been seen as standard for vehicles in this segment. The new Superb is fitted as standard with Electronic Stability Control including Multi-Collision Brake. In EU countries, the following safety features are fitted as standard: Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring, seven airbags, five three-point automatic seat belts with fastening alerts as well as safety headrests. Rear side airbags are available as an option. XDS+, an enhanced function of the electronic differential lock, also comes as standard. Speedlimiter is available as standard from the Ambition trim line upwards.

Innovative optional assistance systems are also available. At a pre-set speed, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) keeps the vehicle at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. With the enhanced Crew Protect Assist, driver and passenger are ‘prepared’ for an impending collision. Lane Assist helps the vehicle stay in lane on motorways and country roads. Traffic Jam Assist, a first for the model and brand, increases safety and comfort in traffic and during stop-and-go. The new Emergency Assist intervenes if the driver becomes incapable of driving, automatically bringing the vehicle to a standstill.

The completely new Blind Spot Detect system supports the driver in changing lanes safely by detecting any vehicles in the blind spot. A key component of Blind Spot Detect is the Rear Traffic Alert function, a first for the model and brand. Driver Alert (fatigue detection) prevents the driver from becoming overtired. Travel Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition, available for the first time in the ŠKODA Superb, continually informs the driver of upcoming road signs.

Innovative lighting systems significantly increase safety at night. The front headlights are fitted with halogen technology or with bi-xenon lamps including AFS function and LED daytime running lights. As an option, the high beam can be controlled electronically – via Light Assist or the advanced Smart Light Assist function (masked high beam). Striking LED lights shine at the rear of the new Superb as standard and there are also two reflectors on both sides of the rear bumper.

The new Superb’s completely redeveloped chassis with MacPherson front struts and multi-link rear axle offers maximum ride stability in challenging situations.

*The future availability of CarPlay and Android Auto technology is generally at the discretion of Apple and Google. The release dates and communications regarding these issues are subject to regional variation.

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