Modern infotainment and specific online services

› New e-Manager function in the Move&Fun app for the CITIGOᵉ iV
› SUPERB iV is always online thanks to a built-in eSIM and included data allowance
› Air conditioning and charging can be programmed and activated remotely

Mladá Boleslav, 25 November 2019 – ŠKODA AUTO is backing up the brand’s entry into the age of electromobility with its new iV models by offering modern connectivity solutions and clever mobile online services. The ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV and SUPERB iV not only display the battery’s current level of charge and available range in the car, but can also show them on their owner’s smartphone as an option. Battery charging can be adjusted to accommodate for planned journeys and programmed in advance. What’s more, it can be activated remotely at the touch of a button. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated eSIM and included data allowance that come as standard, the SUPERB iV is always online. As a result, it not only provides real-time traffic information for more accurate route calculations, but also allows access to infotainment apps – free to download for one year – for weather forecasts and the news, for example.

The ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV comes with the new Swing II radio including a smartphone docking station. The radio offers a dual tuner – optionally with a DAB receiver too – as well as a hands-free kit. Combined with the Move&Fun app, the owner’s smartphone acts as an additional display for showing vehicle data and maps or as a media player and can be connected using Bluetooth. The Move&Fun app has been given a new function specifically for use in the electric CITIGOᵉ iV: the e-Manager displays the remaining range as well as clear graphics depicting the energy flow in the car and its recuperated energy. It can also be used to optimise charging management, taking specified charging stations and planned routes into account.

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Outside of the car, for example at home, the ŠKODA Connect mobile online services allow remote access to the CITIGOᵉ iV. The ŠKODA Connect app, which can be installed on a smartphone or smartwatch, enables owners to remotely view vehicle data such as the current range, start, stop and adjust battery charging to accommodate for planned journeys, as well as control the Climatronic – either to cool down or heat up the car. In addition, the app displays the current vehicle status and upcoming service appointments. It is also possible to call up driving data such as the mileage, average speed and energy consumption as well as where the CITIGOᵉ iV is currently parked. Furthermore, owners can remotely check whether their car’s windows and doors are closed.


SUPERB iV featuring the latest generation of infotainment

The ŠKODA SUPERB iV boasts infotainment systems from the latest generation of the modular infotainment matrix. The Amundsen navigation system with an 8-inch touchscreen, voice control and Wi-Fi pairing comes as standard. The optional Columbus navigation system features a 9.2-inch display, can be controlled using gestures and offers a customisable home screen. Columbus is always combined with the otherwise optional Virtual Cockpit. Its 10.25-inch display offers a variety of layouts with the ability to include maps if coupled with the Columbus system. This allows the map to be displayed on both screens simultaneously. By default, the ŠKODA SUPERB iV is equipped with a Maxi DOT colour display.



All SUPERB iVs come with an integrated eSIM and included data allowance, thereby providing a permanent Internet connection. This enables more accurate and quicker route calculation as well as real-time traffic information. As part of the free data allowance, infotainment apps such as a weather and a news app can also be used directly via the car’s central display. Additional data packages allowing the owner to provide passengers with a Wi-Fi hotspot can either be bought via the in-car Shop or online. Using the new SmartLink technology, smartphone apps can now be accessed wirelessly on the display in the vehicle via Apple CarPlay. The SUPERB iV is also fitted with a USB-C port in the centre console and a USB-A connector in the Jumbo Box; two further USB-C sockets for passengers on the back seats form part of the optional Rear package.



ŠKODA Connect provides exclusive functions specifically for the SUPERB iV, displaying the battery level and the status of the current charging process on smartphones or smartwatches, for example. Just like the Climatronic, owners can start, stop and programme the heating of the windscreen as well as battery charging remotely. If the Climatronic is switched on while the SUPERB iV is not connected to a charging station, the battery is used to supply the necessary power. However, if the air conditioning is used during charging, it has no effect on the battery’s level of charge. This functionality optimises battery charging and the air conditioning of the vehicle (if connected to the grid), enabling the driver to start a planned journey with the interior at the desired temperature whilst also having a fully charged battery.
ŠKODA SUPERB iV - Infographic

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The display in the centre console offers SUPERB iV-specific information too. Thus, drivers can always view the battery’s current level of charge, the remaining electric range as well as graphics depicting the vehicle’s current flow of energy.






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