Stepping into an electric and sustainable future with the CITIGOᵉ iV and ŠKODA SUPERB iV

› First all-electric ŠKODA and the brand’s first plug-in hybrid
› The launch of the ŠKODA iV label and first iV models marks the Czech car manufacturer’s entry into the era of electromobility
› ŠKODA brings new mobility solutions and Simply Clever features to electromobility

Mladá Boleslav, 25 November 2019 – The launch of the first two electrified production models – the SUPERB iV and CITIGOᵉ iV – and the ŠKODA iV label is ushering in the era of electromobility for the Czech manufacturer. The brand has thus set the course for a successful future. The plug-in-hybrid SUPERB iV, built at the Kvasiny plant, and the all electric CITIGOᵉ iV will enter the market at the beginning of 2020.

Electromobility is a key pillar of ŠKODA’s ‘GreenFuture’ sustainability strategy and also part of the ŠKODA DNA. By as early as 2025, up to 25 per cent of all ŠKODA vehicles delivered are to be electrified and the CO2 emissions of the entire fleet are to be reduced by 30 per cent compared to 2015. Following the launch of the CITIGOᵉ iV and the SUPERB iV, the product range of the new ŠKODA iV label will have increased to more than ten electrified models by the end of 2022. Under the iV umbrella, the brand bundles the development of its own family of electrified cars sporting an emotive design, a futuristic interior and innovative technologies, as well as the establishment of a special ecosystem for mobility solutions.

ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV: the brand’s first city speedster generating zero emissions

The ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV is the first all-electric production vehicle in the Czech car manufacturer’s 124‑year history. Boasting a speedy driving performance in urban traffic and compact dimensions, it is the perfect vehicle for large cities, does not generate any emissions and has low maintenance costs. The three driving modes to choose from, Normal, Eco and Eco+, provide driving characteristics ranging from dynamic to efficient; assistance systems new to the range, such as Lane Assist, contribute to the car’s high level of safety. Remote and convenient vehicle access to the CITIGOᵉ iV can be gained using the ŠKODA Connect mobile online services. The Move&Fun app now also offers a new function: the e-Manager displays the remaining range as well as the energy flow in the car and its recuperated energy. Using the app, the charging management and air conditioning can be programmed too.


SUPERB iV: all-electric range of up to 62 km

As the first ŠKODA to feature plug-in-hybrid drive, the SUPERB iV can cover up to 62 km in the WLTP cycle purely electrically, thus emitting zero emissions and offering low running costs. Its total range is up to 930 km. Plug-in-hybrid drive is available for the Ambition and Style trim levels as well as for the SPORTLINE and L&K variants. Compared to models featuring just a combustion engine, the iV variant cannot only be equipped with any of the infotainment systems from the latest, third generation of the MIB modular infotainment matrix but is also available with additional optional assistance systems such as Trailer Assist and Area View. The air conditioning can be controlled remotely using an app. The battery with a gross capacity of 13 kWh (10.4 kWh net) can be charged conveniently overnight in about five hours using a standard household plug socket; using a more powerful wall box this takes just three and a half hours.


Innovative assistance systems and technologies for the CITIGOᵉ iV and SUPERB iV

The ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV is an all-electric vehicle and comes with Lane Assist as standard. The SUPERB iV features all of the modern assistance systems the upgraded SUPERB family has to offer as well as Trailer Assist and Area View as exclusive optional extras. The innovative full LED Matrix headlights with an animated Coming/Leaving Home function and Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) including Driving Mode Select are available too.



The recently upgraded SUPERB family’s new, larger ŠKODA grille is nearly all chrome and invisibly incorporates the flap covering the charging socket. In electric mode, E-noise allows pedestrians and cyclists to better hear the SUPERB iV. In addition to ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering, the brand’s electrified flagship also bears a distinct iV badge on its tailgate. This is the case for the five-door CITIGOᵉ iV too, which can also be clearly identified by its body-coloured ŠKODA grille, the newly designed front bumper and wing mirrors with integrated indicators.





Specific iV details in the interior and innovative connectivity

Both iV models feature specific new displays, providing the driver with relevant information such as energy consumption, the battery’s charge level or details on brake energy recovery. ŠKODA has revised the CITIGOᵉ iV’s dashboard, which comes in black or silver. Green decorative stitching creates new contrasts on the gearstick gaiter; this is available as an optional extra for the seats too. Climatronic and remote central locking are standard. The CITIGOᵉ iV Style also features LED ambient lighting, height-adjustable front seats with a particularly high-quality fabric cover and a leather steering wheel featuring an iV badge.



In the interior, the SUPERB iV can be set apart from the models running purely on petrol or diesel thanks to specific buttons for the E- and Sport modes. A Mode 2 charging cable for household plug sockets is part of the standard equipment, whilst a Mode 3 charging cable is optional.



With regards to infotainment and connectivity, the SUPERB iV is fitted with the latest-generation systems. A built-in eSIM and an included data allowance, for example, ensure that the car is always online. The CITIGOᵉ iV comes with the Swing II radio as standard, including a docking station for a smartphone, which – when paired with the Move&Fun app – can be used to display additional vehicle data or maps, act as a media player and provide access to the e-Manager.

Investments in the Kvasiny and Mladá Boleslav Czech sites

ŠKODA AUTO will be spending a total of two billion euros in the development of electric vehicles and new mobility services over the next five years. This is the largest investment programme in its history. A total of 12 million euros have already gone into the modification of body production and the assembly hall at the Kvasiny plant, where the SUPERB iV – the first plug-in hybrid to be built in the Czech Republic – is flexibly assembled on the same production line as the other variants of the flagship. The lithium-ion batteries for the SUPERB iV as well as for other Volkswagen Group plug-in hybrids are manufactured in Mladá Boleslav. An investment of 25.3 million euros prepared ŠKODA AUTO’s main plant for this task.

Quotes: ŠKODA Management on the ŠKODA iV models

Bernhard Maier

„The SUPERB iV and CITIGOᵉ iV are two key models in our product campaign. And with them ŠKODA’s transition from combustion engines to electric cars has begun“

„All future electrified vehicles will be identifiable thanks to their ŠKODA iV badge. By the end of 2022, the iV product range will already comprise more than ten vehicles, and we expect that electrified models will make up around 25 per cent of our total sales by 2025“

„By 2025, we intend to have reduced the CO₂ emissions of our vehicle fleet by 30 per cent compared to 2015. Our electromobility campaign plays a major role in this.“

„It goes without saying that our iV models also boast ŠKODA-typical characteristics such as a high level of functionality, a superior amount of space and a futuristic design, numerous Simply Clever features and convincing value for money. I like to refer to this as ‘smart understatement’.“

Bernhard Maier, ŠKODA AUTO CEO

Christian Strube

„ŠKODA is ready for E-Mobility. The CITIGOᵉ iV and SUPERB iV are our first electrified models and provide our customers with the option of travelling without generating any emissions. Being driven entirely electrically, the CITIGOᵉ iV is as eco-friendly as it is agile – a city speedster that can pull away quickly and has a real-life range of up to 260 km. The fact that our first plug-in hybrid celebrates its debut as a variant of the SUPERB equally makes sense and is consistent: our flagship is an important technology carrier and icon for our company.“

Christian Strube, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Technical Development:

Alain Favey

„With the launch of the first two iV models, E-Mobility is gaining traction at ŠKODA too. The CITIGOᵉ iV is an agile city speedster that can run without generating any local emissions. It is therefore the perfect car for modern, large cities and will, thanks to its very competitive price, motivate many new customers to convert to an electric vehicle. The SUPERB iV is predestined for environmentally conscious families with children, interested in modern and sustainable mobility, as well as for business people and fleet operators, who value zero-emission urban traffic just as much as low running costs.“

Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing


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