European Diversity Month: Škoda Auto focuses on fostering mutual
respect across genders and generations

› Škoda Auto participates in European Diversity Month for the fourth consecutive year
› Under the motto ‘Škoda Auto: A Place for Everyone’, the car manufacturer emphasises the importance of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect in society and the workplace as well as international collaboration
› Diversity, inclusion, fairness and equity are integral cornerstones of Škoda’s corporate culture and are firmly embedded in its Diversity Strategy 2030
› Positive outcomes of the strategy, such as increased female representation in management, are published in Škoda Auto’s Diversity Report 2023

Mladá Boleslav, 3 June 2024 – Škoda Auto has taken part in European Diversity Month for the fourth consecutive year. This initiative, promoted by the European Commission each May, underscores the importance of diversity and inclusion in both the workplace and society generally, especially in light of evolving work environments and the need to protect employee rights. Under the motto ‘Škoda Auto – A Place for Everyone’, the Czech carmaker has rolled out various initiatives focusing on fostering respect across generations and genders, and through international collaboration. In its most recent Diversity Report 2023, Škoda Auto shares the most important milestones achieved last year, such as successfully increasing the proportion of women in management to 18.3% (up from 14.6% in 2021) and raising the share of international staff in leadership roles to 31%.

“Respect and consideration for each individual are cornerstones of our company culture, which is why we take part in European Diversity Month for the fourth year in a row. I am delighted with how diversity and inclusion have developed at our company. It is very clear that promoting an open corporate culture not only enhances the work environment for our employees but also supports Škoda Auto in meeting its ambitious objectives and establishing a creative and equitable workplace for everyone.”

Maren Gräf, Škoda Auto Board Member for People and Culture

‘Škoda Auto – A Place for Everyone’
This year’s motto for Škoda Auto’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, ‘Škoda Auto: A Place for Everyone’, reflects the company’s commitment to respecting each individual’s uniqueness and its openness as an organisation. Reinforcing the motto, the carmaker also created a video where employees share their insights and perspectives. Special attention this year was given to intergenerational interaction and sensitivity towards the differences among various age groups.

One highlight of the European Diversity Month activities at Škoda Auto was the Diversity Community Meetup. During this event, participants took part in interactive workshops covering topics such as neurodiversity, Gen Z (individuals born in the ‘Internet era’, typically post-2000), and domestic violence. The Internationals@Škoda meeting included a group trip, presentations and discussions specifically catered to employees from abroad. Other projects focused on women’s career development, the new Employee Resource group Women@Work, embracing new technologies, supporting LGBT+ employees through Škoda Proud’s streamed event LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace, and promoting inclusive language in the workplace. Additionally, Škoda Auto employees participated in the Fun & Run charity race against homophobia and other forms of discrimination.
These events were held throughout May and are part of an ongoing series of activities, including the upcoming Pride Business Forum Conference and the Prague Pride parade later this year.

Mutual respect, acceptance and understanding are cornerstones of Škoda’s corporate culture
For three years, the employee group Škoda Proud has been active within the company and is open to all who are interested in supporting and further promoting the topics of diversity and inclusion. In collaboration with the KOVO trade union, Škoda Auto has long been committed to developing and implementing a corporate culture and working conditions that consider the various individual needs and expectations of its workforce. Since 2006, among other initiatives, the car manufacturer has operated a protected centre offering employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In 2019, Škoda Auto signed the European Diversity Charter, actively advocating for acceptance, equitable opportunities, and cultural diversity. In 2023, it became a premium member of the Pride Business Forum and joined the D&I Shapers community, two leading platforms for diversity and inclusion.

2023 Diversity Report: A host of positive outcomes
Released at the beginning of May, the latest edition of the Annual Diversity Report summarises Škoda Auto’s activities to foster human rights and mutual understanding, proving its commitment to these topics. The report provides comprehensive information on numerous projects in diversity and inclusion. Last year, Škoda Auto successfully increased the proportion of women in management to 18.3% (up from 14.6% in 2021), and the share of international staff in leadership roles rose to 31%.

Key targets of Škoda Auto’s Diversity Strategy 2030 include achieving a 25% female representation in management by 2030, fostering intergenerational collaboration and support for families with children, actively backing employee groups and LGBT+ staff, and implementing measures to accommodate colleagues with disabilities.

As one of the largest private-sector employers in the Czech Republic, Škoda Auto has been a signatory to the Czech Diversity Charter since 2019. Moreover, the company works closely with CSR Europe’s largest partner, Business for Society, and collaborates with the national coordinator of the Czech version of the Diversity Charter.

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