Keeping you safe on the road with ŠKODA Care Connect

› Breakdown service and vehicle information are available anywhere, anytime, at the touch of a button
› Customer call centre provides ŠKODA drivers with advice and assistance around the clock
› Proactive Care Connect services free for 10 years

Mladá Boleslav, 27 August 2020 – In addition to eCall, which has been mandatory in the EU for every new car since 2018, the Czech car maker’s models – except for the ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV – all come with two additional services as standard for requesting advice and assistance on the road. Using the info and breakdown call buttons, you can contact an agent at the customer call centre.

There are features in your vehicle you hope you will never have to use – and yet it is reassuring to have them on board. This is true, for example, of the automatic emergency call eCall, which has been mandatory for every new car in the EU since 2018. The mobile online services of ŠKODA Connect also offer other helpful functions in all current ŠKODA models with the exception of the CITIGOᵉ iV, grouped as proactive services under Care Connect. These support drivers with any questions they have about the car. Two functions in particular help to ensure a relaxed journey, especially during the travel season: the info and breakdown calls, the buttons for which can be found in the roof module next to the red emergency call button and are marked with an ‘i’ or a spanner.

For product-related questions about specific vehicle functions or the online services of ŠKODA Connect, press the info button. A connection to the customer call centre is established via the built-in eSIM. A qualified member of staff there will help with any concerns – for example, whether the vehicle can run on E10 fuel. As a rule, the customer advisor will speak English as well as the local language. However, any language barrier can easily be overcome even if the driver is currently abroad. On request, ŠKODA drivers can be connected to a call centre in their own country so that they can communicate in their native language.

ŠKODA will not let its customers down in the event of a vehicle breakdown, either. After pressing the breakdown call button, they will be connected to an expert service employee who will be available to give advice and assistance. If the driver agrees, the system will then transmit the current location and all relevant vehicle data to the breakdown service at the same time. This makes it easier for the advisor to determine the cause of the breakdown, clarify further steps with the driver and arrange for the necessary measures to be taken. If it is not possible to continue the journey, the breakdown call agent will organise a recovery vehicle so that a technician can resolve the problem on the spot. The breakdown call button can also be used to arrange a service appointment at your nearest ŠKODA dealer. Another practical feature is that if there is an infotainment system onboard, the address of the ŠKODA service partner will be displayed in the navigation system. And the best thing: the proactive services of Care Connect, which support the driver in many situations, will remain free of charge for 10 years.

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