Seeing through the winter: New ŠKODA Superb dynamic light features

​› Optional: Xenon headlights including Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS)
› Smart Light Assist: clarity on the road for night-time driving
› Personalised lighting thanks to ambient LED interior lighting

​Mladá Boleslav, 14 December 2015 – Bringing light to the dark winter months: the new ŠKODA Superb with practical light features. Both the saloon and estate version is now available with bi-xenon headlights including AFS function and LED daytime running lights on request. In addition, the Smart Light Assist provides full clarity on the road at night. In addition, the interior lighting mood can be customized thanks to ambient lighting.

For greater clarity in night-time driving, the new ŠKODA Superb is now available with the Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS) and bi-xenon headlights including LED daytime running lights. AFS illuminates the road and surrounding area depending on the driving and weather conditions. This feature also optimally adapts the illumination of the road to varying driving situations. The system operates in three modes: city, country road and motorway. The country-road mode is activated between 0 and 15 km/h, and between 50 and 90 km/h. The right and left headlight module are located in the initial position. In city mode, the headlight beam is wider and shorter than on country roads, as this is where the optimum illumination of pavements and crossings is required. City mode is activated when driving between 15 and 50 km/h. During fast motorway driving, however, the long range and illumination of the right and left lane is required. In this mode, the left headlight module swivels upwards and moves slightly to the left from its initial position, while the right module is raised.

An integral part of the AFS is the cornering light, which is active from 0 km/h to 40km/h. The system also features fog lights integrated in the cornering light function. The intelligent interaction of these functions significantly improves visibility in the dark.

Smart Light Assist also brings light to the dark: at night, the so-called masked continuous main beam detects oncoming traffic and vehicles ahead via the multifunction camera. The high beam is automatically dimmed in these areas. Around the marked areas, however, the full light intensity and maximum beam width is maintained. Instead of deactivating the high beam automatically as soon as an oncoming vehicle is detected, the new technology is more selective. This means that the full beam can continue to provide full illumination without glaring other road users. The Smart Light Assist provides optimum illumination in all traffic situations and therefore even greater safety.

Optionally, the new ŠKODA Superb comes equipped with innovative lighting elements.
Thanks to LED ambient lighting, the light effect can be altered depending on the vehicle status: Opening the vehicle will activate ‘welcome mode’ whereby peripheral lighting elements in the cockpit and door panels create a unique lighting effect when getting in the vehicle. In addition, the door handles, seats and foot wells are illuminated in this mode. After starting the engine, the light intensity is automatically switched to ‘driving mode’. The lighting elements will then create a subtle ambience while driving. The colour and intensity of the light can be adjusted on the infotainment system at any time. There is a selection of three colours.

There is also one practical light feature waiting in the boot: A built in LED torch that can be taken out and used outside the car as well. When the engine is on, the LED torch is automatically charged in its holder.

151215 Seeing through the winter – New SKODA Superb dynamic light features

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