ŠKODA AUTO presents videocast on the 1100 OHC Coupé

› The report accompanies the current episode of the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST on the extensive restoration of the legendary racing car from 1959
› Videocast with presenter Vojtěch Koval is available on ŠKODA AUTO’s YouTube channel

Mladá Boleslav, 22 June 2022 ŠKODA AUTO is releasing the new episode of its SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST as a videocast, too. In the 30-minute report, presenter Vojtěch Koval presents the history of the ŠKODA 1100 OHC Coupé from 1959 as well as its extensive restoration. Experts from the ŠKODA Museum and the Czech car manufacturer’s Prototype Construction Centre also offer exciting background information about the project.

Host Vojtěch Koval presents the history of the ŠKODA 1100 OHC Coupé racing car in the latest episode of the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST, which ŠKODA AUTO is also publishing as a videocast on its YouTube channel. Only two units of the elegant closed-body racing car were built in 1959/1960. Both took part in races until 1962, before being written off in traffic accidents. Last year, experts from the ŠKODA Museum and Prototype Construction Centre restored one of the 1100 OHC Coupés. To do so, they relied on original documentation and used several surviving original parts. In addition to state-of-the-art technologies, the team drew on traditional manufacturing techniques, for example in body construction.

Host Vojtěch Koval talks to the experts as well as the first owner of the original ŠKODA 1100 OHC Coupé from the 1960s in the podcast and the accompanying video.

Fans of the brand can catch the latest episodes of the SIMPLY CLEVER PODCAST on all popular streaming services, and the carmaker announces new episodes on its official Twitter account @skodaautonews.

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