Škoda Auto’s ‘BeeGreen’ hackathon delivers pioneering
IT solutions for sustainable development

› Innovative IT projects target a sustainable customer experience, green future business concepts and increased sustainability in supply chain management
› In close cooperation with leading software companies, Škoda Auto aims to establish the Czech Republic as an international innovation and digitalisation hub
› Sustainability and comprehensive ESG measures are an integral part of the Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030, detailed on the company’s dedicated sustainability microsite

Mladá Boleslav, 5 March 2024 – From 29 February to 1 March, Škoda Auto hosted the BeeGreen hackathon. The carmaker extended invitations to seven teams consisting of 60 international IT experts to take part in the competition. The participants were tasked with presenting innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the overall customer experience, developing GreenFuture business models, and improving supply chain management practices. The ETAS team won over the jury with their ideas and will have the opportunity to further develop their ‘Cycle App’ project with Škoda Auto. The event was opened by Karsten Schnake, Škoda Auto Board Member for Procurement, and Soňa Klepek Jonášová, a member of Škoda Auto’s External Sustainability Council and founder of the Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN).

“Innovations and digitalisation serve as crucial enablers on our path to a sustainable future. Recognising that the transition is a collective effort, we are seeking partners who share our vision of supporting each other to develop forward-thinking ideas. One of Škoda’s strategic advantages is our location: the Czech Republic is home to a thriving ecosystem of software-focused start-ups. Events like the BeeGreen hackathon provide a platform for establishing partnerships between dynamic IT companies and the Volkswagen Group, thereby accelerating the development and implementation of innovative, sustainable solutions.”

Karsten Schnake, Škoda Auto Board Member for Procurement

BeeGreen – advancing sustainable business practices
Building on the success of the 2023 Race2Code hackathon, Škoda Auto once again brought together IT specialists from leading Czech, German, French and Polish software companies. These experts showcased their skills and creativity by solving specific challenges. This year’s BeeGreen hackathon focused entirely on sustainability. Participants engaged with three main topics: Surrounding Explorer, which centred on sustainability and local awareness; Upcycling and Material Recovery, aimed at investigating future sustainability business models; and Consumption Monitoring, dedicated to applying expertise to establish sustainable supply chains. The teams were supervised by seasoned mentors from Škoda Auto and other Volkswagen Group brands.
Since late 2021, Škoda Auto has benefitted from the guidance of an independent External Sustainability Council in implementing its ambitious sustainability goals. In her opening speech at the BeeGreen Hackathon, Council member and founder of the Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN) Soňa Klepek Jonášová emphasised the importance of material recovery, closed-loop systems and digital material flow monitoring, which are just a few examples of the use of modern, sustainable approaches in industrial production.

Out of the seven teams, the jury was most impressed with the project presented by the ETAS team of programmers from Germany. Their project, titled ‘The Cycle App’, focuses on upcycling and material recovery. It stands out for promoting the recycling and reuse of components, thereby extending their useful life and minimising the carbon footprint of repaired vehicles through the adoption of used parts. Following their success in the hackathon, the software experts will have the opportunity to further develop their project with Škoda Auto.

Sustainability as a strategic corporate objective
As one of the largest private companies in the Czech Republic, Škoda Auto has made sustainability an integral part of its corporate strategy. On its dedicated sustainability microsite, the carmaker provides information about its current projects in the field of environmental, social and governance (ESG).

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