ŠKODA increases global deliveries in August

› Deliveries: ŠKODA delivers 86,100 vehicles to customers in August (+6.7%)
› Markets: considerable growth in Europe (+8.5 %), India (+76.2 %) and Russia (+10.5 %)
› Models: ŠKODA’s SUPERB and KODIAQ models are the largest drivers of growth
› SUV campaign: ŠKODA KAROQ celebrates its exhibition premiere in Frankfurt; market launch at the end of October 2017

Mladá Boleslav, 14 September 2017 – ŠKODA increased its global deliveries by 6.7 per cent in August to 86,100 vehicles (August 2016: 80,700 vehicles). The long-established Czech brand achieved strong growth rates in Europe, India and Russia in particular. The drivers of this growth are the brand’s flagship, the ŠKODA SUPERB, and the ŠKODA KODIAQ large SUV, which was launched at the beginning of the year. The manufacturer is expecting further impetus from its new compact SUV, the ŠKODA KAROQ, which recently celebrated its exhibition premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt and which will be introduced to the markets in October.

“ŠKODA has successfully continued its growth course in August,” said Alain Favey, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “There is substantial interest in our top-of-the-range model, the ŠKODA SUPERB, and our large SUV, the ŠKODA KODIAQ, is also making a significant contribution to the positive development of our company. We are also expecting further growth momentum in the important SUV segment from the new ŠKODA KAROQ which will be gradually introduced to the markets from October,” continued Favey.

As part of its 2025 Strategy, ŠKODA is expanding its model range with an extensive SUV campaign. The ŠKODA KODIAQ marked the start of this, with 48,300 deliveries already since its market launch. In August alone, deliveries of the brand’s first large SUV totalled 11,200. ŠKODA intends to use the ŠKODA KAROQ, currently making its debut at the IAA in Frankfurt, to further strengthen its position in the important SUV segment. Also in Frankfurt, the ŠKODA VISION E electric design study is providing a glimpse of the brand’s future SUV models and technologies. The ŠKODA KODIAQ SPORTLINE and ŠKODA KODIAQ SCOUT are also among the models being presented at the 2017 IAA.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA increased its deliveries by 4.4 per cent in August to 30,300 vehicles (August 2016: 29,000 vehicles). In Germany, the strongest individual European market, ŠKODA slightly surpassed last year’s strong performance with 12,200 deliveries (August 2016: 12,100 vehicles). The brand recorded double-digit increases in Austria (2,200 vehicles; +35.1 %), France (1,800 vehicles; +15.0 %), Belgium (1,300 vehicles; +31.9 %) and Italy (1,100 vehicles; +22.5 %).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA saw growth of 13.3 per cent to 14,800 units (August 2016: 13,100 vehicles). In its home country of the Czech Republic, ŠKODA recorded 7,000 deliveries (August 2016: 6,400 vehicles, +9.6 %). The Czech car manufacturer achieved significant growth in Poland (4,800 vehicles; +16.9 %), Slovakia (1,600 vehicles; +23.5 %), Hungary (800 vehicles; +8.0 %) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; +18.6 %).

In Eastern Europe excluding Russia, ŠKODA deliveries grew considerably by 27.2 per cent to 3,100 vehicles in August (August 2016: 2,400 vehicles). Double-digit growth was achieved in Romania (900 vehicles; +31.0 %), Serbia (400 vehicles; +19.7 %), Bulgaria (300 vehicles; +12.0 %) and Bosnia (200 vehicles; +79.1 %). In Russia, ŠKODA also saw a double-digit increase of 10.5 per cent to 5,000 vehicles (August 2016: 4,600 vehicles).

In China, the world’s biggest individual market, ŠKODA matched the previous year’s strong performance with 26,000 deliveries (August 2016: 26,000 vehicles).

In India, ŠKODA recorded an increase of 76.2 per cent with 1,700 vehicles (August 2016: 1,000 vehicles).

Deliveries by the ŠKODA brand in August 2017 (in units, rounded, by model; +/- in per cent compared to the same month last year):

ŠKODA OCTAVIA (29,800; -3.1 %)
ŠKODA RAPID (15,700; -9.7 %)
ŠKODA FABIA (12,100; -12.6 %)
ŠKODA KODIAQ (11,200; -)
ŠKODA SUPERB (10,800; +17 %)
ŠKODA YETI (4,300; -35.8 %)
ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe) (2,200; -19.9 %)

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