Škoda meets Metaverse: Exploring new technologies and reaching younger customers through the Škodaverse

› New Škoda Auto project in the Metaverse offers information, entertainment and interaction
› Experience e-mobility in the Metaverse and create a personal avatar with a Škoda skin
› New Simply Clever podcast featuring tips and tricks from well-known external Metaverse strategist Diego Borgo

Mladá Boleslav, 19 January 2023 – Exploring Škoda virtually in a new dimension: the Škodaverse. The new project in the Metaverse creates a unique Škoda world to make accessing information about e-mobility at Škoda easy and playful – including test-driving the latest Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV. The Škodaverse also integrates exciting features, such as Škoda’s NFT Gallery, entertaining games and interacting with other visitors through a custom Škoda avatar. The latest release of the Simply Clever podcast, with a guest appearance from Metaverse and Web3 strategist Diego Borgo, will tell you everything you need to know.

“A virtual trip to the Škodaverse allows fans and visitors to learn more about our brand and establish an even stronger bond with it. By joining the Metaverse, we are taking a proactive approach towards new technologies to remain innovative and maximise our appeal to a younger customer demographic – in line with our Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030.”

Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing

A virtual Škoda world in 3D
The Škoda Metaverse experience is a virtual 3D world based on the Nemesis platform. At the entrance, visitors can redeem Škoda skins for their own avatar to wear while exploring the Škoda island in the Metaverse. Visitors can discover the latest Enyaq Coupé RS iV model in the exhibition space, take virtual test drives and find out more about e-mobility at Škoda. Škoda’s NFT gallery offers immersive virtual exhibitions of NFT artworks. The space also offers entertainment in the form of events and digital conferences. In addition, live events, such as media days and product presentations will be possible in the future.

Tips and tricks for the Metaverse by Diego Borgo
Diego Borgo, a well-known Metaverse and NFT advisor guiding Fortune 500 brands in this new development of the web explains: “Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now prove ownership of assets, something that was previously almost impossible. Imagine being able to own, create, and monetize your digital assets just as you would with assets in the physical world. But the story doesn’t end there. As we continue to evolve the web, we are now entering the era of the Metaverse. This is a place where people can become immersed in 3D virtual worlds, using avatars to represent themselves. It signifies another step forward in how humans connect digitally. The possibilities are limitless, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.” Borgo reveals more tips and tricks in the latest release of the Simply Clever podcast.
The latest information about the Škodaverse can also be found on the Twitter channel @skodaverse.

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