ŠKODA produces one million SUPERBs and 250,000 of the third generation

› One millionth ŠKODA SUPERB manufactured at Kvasiny
› 250,000 of the current third generation produced worldwide
› Tradition of the brand’s flagship dates back to 1930s

Mladá Boleslav, 27 April 2017 – ŠKODA has produced the one millionth SUPERB. The milestone vehicle, a top-of-the-range Laurin & Klement saloon, left the production line at ŠKODA’s Kvasiny plant in the Czech Republic. The current third generation has made a major contribution to this success: since the market launch in March 2015, ŠKODA has produced 250,000 vehicles of this top model. The brand’s flagship brings the success story of the series dating back to 1934 to a new level.

“This production milestone is an impressive demonstration of ŠKODA’s high production competence and its employees,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, Board Member for Production and Logistics, adding “The name SUPERB represents one of the best and most successful cars in the automotive mid-class.”

The third-generation ŠKODA SUPERB has led the brand into a new era since its production launch in March 2015. With its sharp lines, state-of-the-art assistance systems for safety and comfort, powerful yet economical engines, largest interior space in the segment and numerous ‘Simply Clever’ details, the current generation has successfully established itself in the mid-class.

For its exceptional qualities, the ŠKODA SUPERB has been awarded the ‘Red Dot Award’ for outstanding product design and the title ‘Car of the Year’ in numerous European countries. The production figures also underscore the success of the brand’s flagship: After producing 136,100 vehicles of the first generation, which was launched in 2001, the production figures of the second generation increased significantly. Between 2008 and 2015, 618,500 ŠKODA SUPERBs left the ŠKODA plant in Kvasiny. The current third generation was launched in March 2015. In just the two years since, ŠKODA has produced 250,000 vehicles. The modern flagship is celebrating an impressive milestone and raising the popularity of the series to a new level.

ŠKODA’s top model has been synonymous with high quality from the Czech Republic on the global markets since 2001. The carmaker builds on the tradition of large, prestigious vehicles from Mladá Boleslav that date back to the early 20th century. In 1907 the Laurin & Klement FF became the first eight-cylinder model in Central Europe. In the 1920s, the luxurious ŠKODA Hispano-Suiza mobilised the first state president of Czechoslovakia. The inspirational eight-cylinder ŠKODA 860 was released in the early 1930s.

The ŠKODA 640 SUPERB followed in 1934. Since then, the sonorous name has represented the brand’s particularly high-class cars. The term comes from the Latin word ‘superbus’, meaning ‘distinguished’, ‘excellent or ‘magnificent.’ Just as the current generation, the predecessors also featured pioneering technology. The 640 SUPERB used the technological platform of the POPULAR; its 2.5-litre six-cylinder had an output of 55 hp. The Cardan shaft ran through the tube frame. Also, advanced independent suspension was utilised instead of rigid axles front and rear. An advantage of this design was, for example, that the stress on the body was reduced due to significantly higher torsional rigidity. This model is a rarity with only 200 ever built.

ŠKODA SUPERB – in 2001 the new model was launched in the mid-class
In 2001 ŠKODA gave the evocative name a new lease of life. The new flagship of the brand immediately set new standards in the mid-class: no competing model in the segment offered as much space as the new model of the brand from Mladá Boleslav. At the same time, the SUPERB scored points with an attractive design and state-of-the-art technology. A navigation system, GSM telephone preparation, heated seats, xenon headlights, parking sensors and sunroofs were added to the high comfort on request. As standard, modern systems such as ABS, ESC and six airbags ensured maximum safety.

The second generation of the modern ŠKODA SUPERB celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show of 2008. The impressive new model had even more space, an elegant appearance and build quality of the highest level. In addition, the SUPERB was available for the first time with all-wheel drive. The particularly practical ŠKODA SUPERB COMBI followed in 2009.

SUPERB III is the first ŠKODA model to offer comprehensive connectivity
In 2015 ŠKODA heralded a new era with the current third generation SUPERB. Never before had such high demands been put on the design of a ŠKODA car. Never had so many new technologies gone into the development of a model. Never before had there been so many new ‘Simply Clever’ ideas, and never had ŠKODA engineers created so much room for drivers, passengers and their luggage. An array of assistance systems from higher vehicle classes ensures greater safety and comfort. The new EU-6 engines are also more powerful than previously, whilst also being up to 30 percent more economical.

At the same time, the SUPERB, introduced in 2015, was the brand’s first model to support full connectivity. The modern infotainment system can be automatically connected to Smartphones via SmartLink. SmartLink includes the standards MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system allows users to operate many apps from their smartphone on the car’s display. In addition, the driver can use the SmartGate function to retrieve vehicle data on their device. The SUPERB was also the first ŠKODA hotspot on wheels with high-speed Internet access. Another highlight is the innovative and particularly practical Phonebox, which charges mobile phones wirelessly.

The experience and passion of 122 years of ŠKODA vehicle construction went into the development of the third generation model. The SUPERB impressively demonstrates the company’s engineering and design competence.

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