ŠKODA reveals another glimpse of the VISION 7S interior

› New interior sketch highlights more details of the seven-seater concept car
› Central, free-standing touchscreen is arranged vertically for the first time in a ŠKODA
› Flat and wide dashboard and steering wheel flattened at the top and bottom

Mladá Boleslav, 16 August 2022 – ŠKODA AUTO is releasing another interior sketch of its VISION 7S concept car. The all-electric seven-seater features a minimalist interior with a high degree of functionality and intuitive operation. The VISION 7S provides a preview of the Czech carmaker’s new design language. The concept car will be unveiled to the public on 30 August.

The first interior sketch of the VISION 7S gave an impression of the minimalist interior design and generous space for up to seven people in three rows of seats. ŠKODA has also included some of its signature Simply Clever features. The new sketch shows a symmetrical, “wrap-around” design that gives all passengers a sense of security. The new sketch reveals a flat, wide instrument panel, which extends to the doors, emphasising the width of the interior. In front of it is a large, free-standing touchscreen, which is arranged vertically – a first for ŠKODA.

The sketch highlights the vehicle’s perfectly balanced haptic and virtual interfaces as well as optimal ergonomics. The new steering wheel features an innovative design with vertical spokes. It is flattened at the top and bottom to provide a clear view of the instrument cluster for the driver. Below the central display is a centre console with three large, haptic rotary controls; these, along with two large buttons and a rotating control beneath them, form a haptic control panel. Special storage compartments are provided below this, where passengers can dock their smartphones and further personalise their interaction with the vehicle.

The world premiere of the VISION 7S is set for 30 August. The vehicle provides a preview of the Czech automaker’s new design language, which draws on the brand’s traditional values of robustness, functionality and authenticity.

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