Škoda’s new terrain: Introducing ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’ in Fortnite

› Škoda Auto introduces an exclusive adventure in the popular online video game Fortnite
› The carmaker adopts a playful approach to its ‘Explore More’ philosophy
› Beyond Škodaverse, Škoda Auto expands its digital presence to Fortnite, offering the next level of immersive exploration
› The ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’ online gaming adventure is accessible to players now

Mladá Boleslav, 13 December 2023 – As an innovator in the digital arena, Škoda Auto is introducing its brand to younger audiences. The company has developed a unique gaming experience within the well-known online video game Fortnite. Through this initiative, featuring the new Fortnite Creative map ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’, Škoda aims to engage potential future customers, who are increasingly spending time in the gaming world. The map is now available for players to explore.

Škoda Auto’s ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’: A quest for discovery
Created by the renowned video game and software developer Epic Games, Fortnite is an online video game popular all around the world. Its ‘Fortnite Creative’ mode allows gamers to design their own maps and experiences, offering a diverse range of creative possibilities. Škoda Auto has entered this realm with the launch of its ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’, inviting Fortnite players and enthusiasts to explore the Czech carmaker’s newly created custom map.

The all-electric Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS is at the heart of the ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’ adventure. Players who find this vehicle can take part in three unique mini-challenges. Completing these gives players an in-game advantage, especially in exploring and discovering hard-to-reach areas of the map. Echoing Škoda’s ‘Explore more’ message, gamers who uncover these hidden locations are encouraged to take an in-game selfie, post it on Instagram and tag Škoda Auto’s official account @skodagram to be in for a chance of winning exclusive in-game rewards.

Navigating to Škoda’s ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’
Players can easily find Škoda’s ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’ map in Fortnite by searching for it under the Fortnite Discovery tab. Additional information about this unique gaming experience is available here. While part of Fortnite, the ‘Out of Bounds Odyssey’ is an independent creation by Škoda Auto and is not sponsored or endorsed by Epic Games, Inc.

Explore more: Brand identity and concept of the game
Škoda’s presence in Fortnite is a strategic move to inspire potential future customers, particularly among Gen Z who were born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. This demographic, which makes up about one-third of the world’s population, dedicates roughly a quarter of their free time to video games. Crucially, more than one third of this generation will be looking to purchase a car in the next 12 months. By delving into the world of video gaming, Škoda Auto is positioning itself to connect with these promising new target groups.

Škoda’s expansion into Fortnite for immersive exploration
Entering the world of Fortnite represents a continuation of Škoda’s digital gamification journey, which began with the Škodaverse initiative a year ago. Online games such as Fortnite and other formats introduce fresh approaches to storytelling and immersive brand experiences, combining entertainment and community in an engaging way.

Involvement in other popular gaming series in the Czech Republic
Reflecting this strategy, Škoda is also engaged in another video game popular among e-sports fans in the Czech Republic. The Škoda eRally Cup, hosted within the game DIRT Rally 2.0, successfully entered its third season in 2023.

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