ŠKODA’s worldwide growth continues in May

› Best May of all time: 96,700 deliveries (up 4.5%)
› International success: ŠKODA grows in Europe, Russia and China
› Top model: ŠKODA SUPERB sales double (up 110.2%)

Mladá Boleslav, 13 June 2016 – ŠKODA’s global deliveries in May increased 4.5% to 96,700 vehicles (May 2015: 92,500), making this the best May in the company’s history. The traditional brand’s sales increased particularly in Europe (up 8.2%), Russia (up 23.7%) and China (up 2.4%). The ŠKODA SUPERB has been a major success on the international markets with sales more than double those of last year (up 110.2%).

“We are pleased to be able to continue the positive trend of recent months into May,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “The significant growth in Europe and other regions shows that our young model ranges has been well received in the market. In particular, the new SUPERB and YETI are enjoying high consumer demand.”

In Western Europe, ŠKODA’s growth once again increased compared to May 2015, delivering 41,100 vehicles (up 6.5%); 2,500 more than in May 2015. In Germany, the brand’s second-strongest single market, ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth (10.8%; 15,500 vehicles). With a market share of 5.4% ŠKODA continues to be the number-one import brand. The Czech manufacturer also recorded strong growth in Belgium (1,800 vehicles; up 19.8%), Italy (2,000 vehicles; up 23.9%), Ireland (500 vehicles; up 22.1%), the Netherlands (1,200 vehicles; up 27.6%), in Norway (700 vehicles; up 15.2%) and Austria (2,000 vehicles; up 11.0%).

Sales rose in almost all Central European countries. Overall, the brand grew by 10.4% to 16,600 vehicles in the region (May 2015: 15,000). On their Czech home market, ŠKODA’s sales rose 11.9% compared to May 2015 (8,100 vehicles). Sales figures also increased in Poland (4,800 vehicles; up 7.6%), Slovakia (1,700 vehicles; up 7.7%), Slovenia (600 vehicles; up 9.0%) and Hungary (1,000 vehicles; up 28.8%).

On the Eastern European markets excluding Russia, ŠKODA maintained the previous year’s figures with 3,200 vehicles sold. In Russia deliveries rose significantly: After selling 3,800 vehicles in May 2015, sales increased 23.7% to 4,700. ŠKODA recorded significant growth in Bulgaria (300 vehicles; up 19.9%) and Ukraine (300 vehicles; up 247.4%). The sales volume also increased in the Baltics (600 vehicles; up 3.7%) and Serbia (500 vehicles; up 4.5%).

In China, ŠKODA’s strongest global market, the brand’s deliveries increased deliveries by 2.4% to 24,200 vehicles (May 2015: 23,700). ŠKODA also achieved growth in New Zealand (100 vehicles; up 17.0%) and Taiwan (400 vehicles; up 30.5%). ŠKODA grew by 15.0% in Israel where the manufacturer sold 2,100 vehicles (May 2015: 1,900). ŠKODA’s growth also increased in double digits in Turkey (2,500 vehicles; up 14.3%).

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in May 2016 (in units, rounded off, listed by model; +/- in % compared to May 2015):
ŠKODA CITIGO (only sold in Europe: 2,900; -13.0%)
ŠKODA FABIA (17,800; -0.1%)
ŠKODA RAPID (18,300; +2.2%)
ŠKODA OCTAVIA (36,600; -2.2%)
ŠKODA SUPERB (12,500; +110.2%)
ŠKODA YETI (8,500; +9.5%)

160613 ŠKODA’s worldwide growth continues in May

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