Sustainability report 2017/2018: ŠKODA scores top marks for environmental protection, conserving resources and social commitment

› Conserving resources: ŠKODA AUTO reduces its CO2 emissions as well as energy and water consumption, whilst impressing with exemplary recycling
› ‘GreenFuture’ strategy: comprehensive company-wide set of measures for sustainable environmental protection
› Social responsibility: active involvement in society through numerous projects and dedication to the regions surrounding the brand’s plants
› Top Responsible Large Company award 2018: ŠKODA was recognised for its sustainability-related commitment and strategically responsible conduct

Mladá Boleslav, 11 July 2019 – The latest ŠKODA AUTO sustainability report presents a detailed overview of the company’s sustainability-related activities over the past two years. By successfully implementing its ‘GreenFuture’ strategy, ŠKODA has further reduced factors such as its energy consumption, CO2 emissions and volume of waste. The ‘GreenFuture’ sustainability strategy brings ‘Green Factory’, ‘Green Product’ and ‘Green Retail’ together under one umbrella and strives to consistently minimise the environmental impact of the company’s activities. Furthermore, ŠKODA is continuing its varied involvement in society and supports a number of social projects.

ŠKODA set the course for sustainable and long-term growth in its 2025 Strategy, which comprises the strategic key areas of electromobility, the digitalisation of the company, internationalisation and new mobility services. The success of the strategy’s implementation can be seen in terms of sustainability too. Here, the ‘GreenFuture’ strategy provides the foundation and direction. In addition to the development of efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, it also aims for the conservation of resources during production and eco-friendly operation at dealerships.
Environmental targets for vehicle production surpassed
The Czech car manufacturer succeeded in reducing its vehicle production’s strain on the environment by 56.1 per cent between 2010 and 2018 – 6 per cent points better than its target of halving the environmental impact of production-related factors by 2018. Water consumption per car produced was reduced by 38.2 per cent during the same period and the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that arise during painting fell by 48.9 per cent per vehicle. Recycling is also a key part of conserving resources at ŠKODA. All of the current ŠKODA models fulfil the latest EU requirements for the recyclability of materials; the ŠKODA SCALA is made from 85% recyclable materials.
Accolade for responsible conduct and sustainability-related accomplishments
In 2018, ŠKODA was named Top Responsible Large Company for its commitment and achievements. The non-profit organisation ‚Business for Society‘awards this to companies that sustainably and strategically act responsibly and that optimise their environmental footprint.
Comprehensive social commitment
The latest ŠKODA AUTO sustainability report also comprises detailed information on the company’s social commitment. The car manufacturer recognises and acts on its responsibility within society across the entire value chain and is proactive in both sponsorship as well as a variety of CSR activities. Examples include supporting the regions around the brand’s production sites or participating in other projects, including those relating to road traffic safety, technical training and barrier-free mobility as well as looking after children in need.
What’s more, since 2007, ŠKODA has planted one tree for every ŠKODA car sold in the Czech Republic. Since the programme began, more than 820,000 trees have been planted in an area equivalent to 260 football pitches. In addition to employees and their families, non-commercial organisations are involved in this initiative too. Since 2010, students at the company’s own vocational school as well as interns have also been taking part in the project and, in 2017, the initiative was open to the car manufacturer’s customers for the first time via ŠKODA dealerships.
Sustainability report fulfils international standard of the Global Reporting Initiative
Since 2005, ŠKODA has been providing information about its activities concerning sustainable corporate management every two years. The seventh sustainability report, which has now been published, complies with the Global Reporting Initiative’s Standards core option and thus with the international guidelines for transparent reporting.
The ŠKODA AUTO sustainability report 2017/2018 is now available for download.

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