The new KAMIQ GT: The fifth ŠKODA SUV for the Chinese market premieres at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

› The next step in the ŠKODA’s SUV campaign, in the brand’s biggest single market in the world
› Following on from the KODIAQ GT, this is the second ŠKODA Coupé SUV especially for the Chinese market
› Compact proportions, plenty of space in the interior and a sportily-elegant coupé design

Mladá Boleslav, Guangzhou, 22 November 2019 – ŠKODA is expanding its SUV family in China: the new ŠKODA KAMIQ GT is the brand’s second coupé SUV, and – like the larger ŠKODA KODIAQ GT – is only available in China. In what is its biggest single market in the world, the Czech manufacturer now offers five different SUV models. The new KAMIQ GT combines the powerful stylistic elements of the KAMIQ (the Chinese city-SUV) with the sporty elegance of a coupé, and is tailor-made for lifestyle-oriented young buyers, with a focus on the joy of driving, everyday use and an emotive design. The compact coupé SUV is available in two engine versions: a 1.5 MPI with 82 kW (111 HP) and a 1.2 TSI with 85 kW (115 HP). The KAMIQ GT is celebrating its first public appearance at the 17th edition of the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, which is open until 1st December.

ŠKODA AUTO CEO Bernhard Maier explained: “The ŠKODA KAMIQ GT is our second coupé SUV and, at the same time, the second model exclusively offered to our Chinese customers. China has been ŠKODA’s largest individual market for the past nine years now, and also the market with the largest SUV share. So it’s only logical that China is the only country in which we now offer five different SUVs, thus covering a particularly wide range of customer requirements.

Ralf Hanschen, ŠKODA China President, proudly remarked that the new KAMIQ GT is a dynamic and fashionable SUV coupé for Chinese young customers. “ŠKODA is fully committed to the Chinese market and its customers. Our vision for China is crystal clear: to deliver clever solutions for a better life. We always bring the best to our Chinese customers, which is why we are offering more SUV models here than in any other market.” ”Furthermore, we are focusing not only on cars, but also new mobility services. The team of our global innovation hub in Beijing – ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab China – is developing mobility solutions and services for China and the world”, Hanschen added.

Emotional elegant design and a flowing roof line
The ŠKODA KAMIQ GT combines the powerful stylistic elements of the KAMIQ (the Chinese city-SUV) with the sporty elegance of a coupé. It is 1,606mm tall, and 4,409mm long – 19mm longer than the KAMIQ. The width (1,781mm) and wheelbase (2,610mm) remain unaltered. The coupé-like city-SUV therefore gives the impression of compactness, whilst at the same time offering a remarkably spacious interior.

From the front, the ŠKODA KAMIQ GT exudes coolness and determination. Sharply drawn lines and avant-garde design elements give it a modern, attractive look – perfectly adapted to the tastes of younger Chinese customers, and alluding to a more expressive style of life. The grille has striking vertical ribs, and extends laterally towards the crystalline LED headlamps with LED‑ daytime running lights, together irradiating power and dynamism. Large, horizontal air intakes beneath the grille, as well as L-shaped trim on the side, reinforce the appearance of self assurance. The flowing roof line falls slightly to the rear, gently ending at the rear spoiler. The sharply drawn “waistline” creates a three-dimensional effect, and harmonises visually with the striking facing of the wheel arches. Together with the black-painted, 17-inch alloy wheels, a sporty, dynamic look is achieved – perfectly for urban environments. Some of the highlights are the two-colour wheel hubs and a crystalline side logo, both with a three-dimensional effect.

Dynamic rear end, and reinterpreted C-shaped tail lights
The LED‑ tail lights on the KAMIQ GT, with their aesthetic crystalline structures, interpret the typical C-shape seen in the brand’s light signature in a completely new way, making an attractive eye-catcher. A distinctive bumper with a continuous light bar emphasises the expressive rear-end design. As seen in the front area, the L-shaped trim on the sides emphasise the powerful and yet modern body style. As an option, the new KAMIQ GT can be ordered with a roof in a contrasting colour, and with a panoramic glass roof. In addition, the SUV coupé is available in a new metallic colour – “modern gold”.

A sportily dynamic aura in the spacious interior
The modern design of the KAMIQ GT interior, thanks to the thoughtful selection of colours, materials and finishes on offer, provides a good mix of rugged SUV optics and an airy character marked by sporty dynamism. The instrument panel is equipped with a trim with a brushed-metal effect, which extends across the entire width of the vehicle. One exclusive detail stands out on the passenger side – a GT logo which corresponds to the colour of the car, providing and attractive focal point. The driver and front passenger have sports seats with integrated head restraints, offering excellent support. The headrests with their embroidered GT logo, the horizontal stripe pattern and the exclusive decorative seams all accentuate the dynamic optics of the interior. In tune with this, the vehicle has a max-grip, multi-function steering wheel, enabling the rapid and safe operation of important features.

Two trims available; state-of-the-art connectivity and infotainment as standard
The ŠKODA KAMIQ GT is available in two trims – Ambition and Style. This gives the customers practical comfort options, such as Climatronic automatic climate control, and KESSY keyless vehicle access. In addition, there are advanced connectivity solutions available, and a modern infotainment system, with an 8-inch glass display, thus meeting the typical demands of a young, urban, Chinese target group. With Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarLife and MirrorLink™, smartphones can be easily connected to the vehicle, whilst the driver and passengers can be permanently online in the KAMIQ GT via a WLAN stick. A reversing camera comes as standard support for the parking sensors, whilst head and side airbags protect passengers in the event of an accident. The KAMIQ GT meets the highest safety standards overall.

Two efficient engine versions
There are two modern and efficient petrol engines available with the ŠKODA KAMIQ GT. The 1.5 MPI, developed at the ŠKODA AUTO Engine Centre in the heart of Czech Republic, puts out 82 kW (111 HP), along with a maximum torque of 145 Nm. It has a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The 1.5 MPI has a heat-resistant aluminium engine block, whose low weight reduces fuel consumption and improves handling. The variable valve control system adjusts the opening and closing of the inlet valve, depending on the given driving conditions. This increases the efficiency of the combustion process. A 1.2.TSI is also available in the KAMIQ GT. This engine generates 85 kW (115 HP) thanks to its turbo charger, and provides a maximum torque of 200 Nm via a 7-speed DSG to the front axle.

From KODIAQ to KAMIQ: five SUV models in China
In addition to the new KAMIQ GT, the ŠKODA SUV family comprises another 4 models. The spacious KODIAQ, seating up to seven people, started the brand’s SUV offensive in 2017, and is accompanied by the elegant coupé version, the KODIAQ GT – a model exclusive to China. Both are equipped with engines capable of up to 162 kW (220 HP). The KAROQ is 50 millimetres longer than the European version, thus offering Chinese customers more space and comfort. There is a choice of the 1.2 TSI with 85 kW (115 HP), and the 1.4 TSI with 110 kW (150 HP). The KAMIQ, a “city SUV”, was developed specifically for the Chinese market, and entered ŠKODA’s range of SUVs in 2018. At 4,390mm, it is around 15 centimetres longer than the European model introduced in summer 2019. It also outdoes the European version in terms of the boot volume, at 463 to 1,510 litres. The KAMIQ is powered in China by a 1.5 MPI offering 82 kW (111 HP).

A quarter of all ŠKODAs sold worldwide are currently supplied to China
China has been the Czech automobile manufacturer’s largest single market for the past nine years. In the record-breaking year of 2018, the sales figures rose by 4.9%, to 341,000 vehicles, a third of which were SUV models. Overall, a quarter of all ŠKODAs sold are currently supplied to China. With an eye on the future, ŠKODA and SAIC Volkswagen will have made investments amounting to the equivalent of two billion euros by 2021, as well as the new ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab China in Beijing. The company’s development focus is on attractive, new models, particularly in the SUV range. Indeed, the KODIAQ GT and the KAMIQ GT are two SUV models exclusively available in the Chinese market. ŠKODA is also planning vehicles with alternative drive systems, and is furthermore working on cunning solutions to facilitate and improve mobility. The new vehicles and services to the customers will offer customers inspirational design, superior functionality and a nontraditional mobility experience.

New ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab China cooperates with startup companies
The ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab China open in Beijing in April 2019. In the new innovation centre, ŠKODA has networked local startup companies, in order to jointly promote projects. The focus of the network is on the areas of future mobility and digitisation, and the development and implementation of new business fields. In this respect, the new mobility solutions and services are being developed not only for the Chinese market, but are also being tailored for European and international needs. There are already some pilot projects under way, e.g. “Care Driver” and “Way to Go”.

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