Travelling safely and comfortably throughout the winter with ŠKODA

› Electric elements in ŠKODA vehicles heat windows, mirrors, seats and steering wheel
› Effective for optimal visibility and keeping hands and feet warm
› Innovative heat pump in the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is even more efficient and will increase the vehicle’s mileage

Mladá Boleslav, 11 January 2021 – For decades, cars would only have a heated rear window to supplement the heating for the interior. Later, electrically heated exterior mirrors and heated wiper nozzles were added, ensuring they did not freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. Today there are many other features, such as auxiliary heating and an innovative heat pump in ŠKODA models – for even more warmth and comfort in winter.

A heated windscreen quickly improves visibility, which means that ŠKODA’s trademark ice scraper only needs to be used on the side windows. In the ŠKODA models SCALA and KAMIQ, fine heating filaments in the windscreen, which are barely visible to the driver, can rapidly thaw a thin layer of ice. For the ŠKODA KAROQ and models above, this task is performed by a completely invisible film in the laminated windscreen.

Warm hands and heated rear seats
A heated steering wheel, available as an option in all ŠKODA model series, offers additional comfort. Cold fingers or thick gloves are now a thing of the past. ŠKODA not only provides the comfort of heated seats to the driver and front passenger; the two outer seats in the rear can also be heated on request from the SCALA and KAMIQ model series and above. An optional auxiliary heater, available for the ŠKODA KAROQ and above, offers even more comfort. Even before driving off, it warms up the vehicle’s interior to a pleasant temperature and defrosts frozen windows. In addition, the engine is also pre-heated, which reduces fuel consumption and significantly reduces the load during the cold start phase. The ŠKODA auxiliary heaters can be activated via remote control or the MyŠKODA App, or they can be programmed in advance for a specific start time.

Innovative interior heating and extended range in electric ŠKODA iV models
Owners of ŠKODA iV models can also conveniently pre-heat their vehicle during the charging process, controlled and programmed via the MyŠKODA App. The energy required for pre-heating comes from the mains supply and not from the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery, which means the maximum electric range is maintained. A heat pump will also be available as an option for the all-electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. All-electric vehicles are designed in such a way that less waste heat is produced for heating the interior than in models with an internal combustion engine. This is where the heat pump comes in. It works in a similar way to an air conditioner in terms of technology, but with a different operating principle.

Hot tip from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
For anyone looking to take the edge off cold winter mornings, ŠKODA Genuine Accessories offers another hot accessory: A mobile espresso machine, which fits in the cup holder in the centre console and is powered by the 12V socket, prepares a hot Italian pick-me-up in two minutes.

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