Two become one: ŠKODA Connect – all the key data in a single app

› Updated ŠKODA Connect smartphone app for enhanced ease of use and convenience
› Wireless in-vehicle connectivity with one-time registration
› Centralisation of remote access using online services and direct vehicle communications via SmartLink+ interface
› Unified user experience across all mobile devices as well as on the PC and the vehicle display

Mladá Boleslav, 29 May 2020 – With its updated ŠKODA Connect app, the Czech car maker is consolidating the functions of the ŠKODA Connect app and the ŠKODA OneApp. At the same time, ŠKODA is also adding new features to the app and is making remote access and direct communication with the vehicle even easier. Another bonus: drivers will in future be able to enjoy a consistent user experience across different devices such as smartphones and smartwatches as well as the car’s central infotainment display.

Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing, says: “We’re constantly working to improve the user experience of our digital applications, such as the smartphone apps. The updated ŠKODA Connect app combines the functions of our previous Connect app and the ŠKODA OneApp in a single, tidy solution. As a result, we are becoming ever more user-friendly and ‘Simply Clever’. Our plans for the future envisage a unified and easy-to-understand way of accessing all ŠKODA channels such as the website, apps and more. We are absolutely committed to this.”

Up until now, ŠKODA owners were faced with a choice of two different apps to access data from their vehicles. The ŠKODA Connect app, for example, provided online services such as remote locking or unlocking of the doors, or displaying the current position of the parked vehicle. In addition, users were able to take advantage of Honk & Flash functionality to locate their vehicle more easily in a large car park, activate the auxiliary heating, or arrange an appointment with their service partner. All they had to do was activate the ŠKODA Connect services.

Using the ŠKODA OneApp on the other hand required SmartLink+ technology in the vehicle and a direct connection with a smartphone. The app used MirrorLink or Apple CarPlay to access real-time vehicle data, showing these on the car’s central display through a variety of screens, using playful elements. Features such as real-time driving data or a logbook, planning trips and information about the current vehicle status were offered by both apps in a similar fashion.

The updated ŠKODA Connect app now combines the features offered by the two previous apps, thus providing a unified point of access for all the services and seamless vehicle connectivity following a one-time registration. “By merging the apps, we are consolidating our software system with the aim of enabling our customers to use our digital services easily, conveniently and seamlessly across multiple devices,” says Andre Wehner, ŠKODA AUTO’s Chief Digital Officer.

The revised ŠKODA Connect app for Android and iOS phones is available free of charge in the relevant App Stores.

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