World premiere of new ŠKODA FABIA in pictures

› ŠKODA fans around the world watched the digital world premiere of the fourth-generation FABIA
› Virtual pavilion still open; 360-degree views of the cars can be seen in the showroom
› Tape art creates the perfect setting for the new FABIA’s unveiling at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague

Mladá Boleslav, 4 May 2021 – The new ŠKODA FABIA celebrated its world premiere this evening – entirely online at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. ŠKODA fans from all over the world enjoyed a front row seat as ŠKODA AUTO CEO Thomas Schäfer presented the fourth generation of the successful small car to the public via stream. The virtual pavilion remains open; a recording of the world premiere and many other videos are available on the ŠKODA Storyboard and at In addition, 360-degree views of the new FABIA can be accessed in the showroom, and the press kit is available for download.

ŠKODA presented the new, fourth-generation FABIA in a dynamic show at the virtually recreated DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. Pictures and videos of the presentation are now available for download, as are the recording of the stream and additional videos of the new ŠKODA FABIA. The virtual pavilion remains open at and users have the opportunity to explore the various areas in the DOX. For example, they can visit the chat room on the central “NEXT LEVEL” roof terrace, where ŠKODA designers describe the look of the new FABIA. Alongside Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design, Karl Neuhold, Head of Exterior Design, Kateřina Vránová, Head of Colour & Trim Design, and Peter Olah, Head of Interior Design, answer questions submitted by visitors. The airship hovering above the terrace has been turned into a cinema, where visitors can watch a number of videos on the development, design and testing of the new FABIA. And in the showroom, guests can view the small car from all perspectives. All information and detailed content about the new FABIA can be found in the downloadable press kit.

Behind the scenes: The elaborate production of the world premiere
One video also takes a detailed look behind the scenes and shows the work leading up to the digital world premiere. The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague’s Holešovice district served as a spectacular backdrop. The entire building was painstakingly digitised so that users can move around the DOX as freely as if they were at the heart of the action. The driving scenes created in Prague for the inset films complement sequences produced using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) – a computer animation technique used in cinematography – as well as virtual and augmented reality.

 Inspired by Surrealism and Cubism
The creative concept of the virtual world premiere bridges the gap between the digital age, Czech culture and art movements including surrealism and Czech cubism, which also had a significant influence on the DOX’s architecture. The tape artists “camouflaged” the new FABIA with their tapes and skilfully redesigned many walls in the DOX, for example using prominent Prague buildings such as the Charles Bridge, the Dancing House and the Žižkov television tower. This is how the Art Walk through the virtual building was created. In the “Art Lounge” of the virtual pavilion, the designers posted the new FABIA’s slogan on the wall – “Everything you need and a little bit more”.

The digital press kit with texts, photos and videos on the new ŠKODA FABIA is available for download from the ŠKODA Storyboard.

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