How to keep having fun when it’s better to stay at home

How to keep having fun when it’s better to stay at home

With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, staying at home remains the safe and responsible thing to do. So any new advice on how to have fun is welcome. Here is another helping of ideas.

7. 4. 2020 Škoda World

Maybe you’ve already tried out the suggestions and ideas from the article How to have fun when it’s better to stay at home, so it’s time to offer a few more. This time the ideas are linked by the 125th anniversary of ŠKODA’s founding this year.

Cars that are pretty as a picture

Now that nice weekend trips in the family car are out of the question and the kids would like to have their own little car, why not let them paint some. Download a colouring-in picture of a ŠKODA KODIAQ, ŠKODA CITIGOe iV or a new ŠKODA OCTAVIA and let them unleash their creativity. And if you need to relax as well, you might find that colouring is a soothing activity for adults as well. Give it a try.



Pelmanism, also known as Concentration, is a classic parlour game. The principle of the game is to find matching pairs of cards. The cards are spread out face down and each player turns over two. The idea is to remember which pictures are where. So it’s great training for short-term memory. The ŠKODA Pelmanism set features the wonderful watercolour paintings of Vladimír Bidlo, an artist also known for his 1960s film posters. Just download the cards, print them out at home (you can even download the backs of the cards, which should be stuck on before you cut them up), cut them into cards and start playing.

Safe cycling training

Siblings Laura and Klement have gone on a bike ride. Before the other kids can join them, there’s just time to pick up a few safe cycling rules. The ideal way to do this is a colouring book that will give hours of fun to even the smallest kids. And what’s more, they will learn how to use the brake, why they should wear a helmet, why they shouldn’t use a mobile phone while cycling, what hand signals to use, and lots of other useful advice. So it’s a way to have fun and learn about safe cycling for when we can all go outside again.



Colour in your ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo

Do you love rallies and can’t wait to watch them again? Don’t worry, we have something for you and for your little petrolheads as well. ŠKODA Motorsport prepared series of colouring-in pictures in which the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo plays the main role. Print it out and colour in the star of the last year’s WRC 2 Pro category on your own!


A to Z of ŠKODA models

Until the ŠKODA Museum’s doors open again and you can visit the exhibition marking 125 years since ŠKODA’s founding, you can at least take a virtual tour of the company’s history. Take a look at some old and more recent ŠKODA models and explore the brand’s history. You can even drive a ŠKODA 110 through the streets of interwar Prague.


The We love cycling platform has joined forces with the Rouvy app to help overburdened hospitals in Italy. For every rider who downloads Rouvy and completes one of the routes, the company will send one euro to help Italy. #RideForItaly

ŠKODA is helping out at home in Czechia as well, where ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, HoppyGo and a team of volunteers are providing over 200 shared cars and 150 electric scooters from the BeRider sharing service for medical personnel or food and medical equipment deliveries. These vehicles are used for distributing medicines and food, among other things. The vehicles are already being lent to and used by over 20 cities, institutions and organisations, such as the City of Brno and charities like Charita Czech Republic, ADRA, the Czech Red Cross and the Sue Ryder Foundation.

ŠKODA’s technical development unit, in cooperation with the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics attached to the Czech Technical University and the company 3Dees, is 3D printing respirators for medical personnel battling against the virus. The basic parts for 60 top-quality certified respirators are produced by the carmaker every day.