Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems

Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems

ŠKODA cars are safe and comfortable thanks to the number of modern and intelligent assistance systems they feature. However, what exactly do terms like ‘adaptive cruise control’, ‘traffic sign recognition’, ‘collision mitigation braking system’ or ‘lane assist’ mean? Check out two videos in a new series about ŠKODA assistance systems.

3. 3. 2017 Škoda World INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY

The new ‘Childishly simple’ series on Storyboard brings you answers to this question. Explained in layman’s terms: the functions of ŠKODA’s driver assistance systems.Whether it be the fatigue detection system or pioneering lighting systems such as Smart Light Assist and adaptive front headlights, numerous intelligent driver assistance systems guard against unpleasant surprises.

You can watch the first two episodes here:

These systems, which protect drivers from unpleasant situations, include Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Sign Recognition, Cruise Control, and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, Blind Spot Detect and Lane Assist.

How does it work?

Smart Light Assist
The multi-function camera recognises oncoming traffic and vehicles ahead in darkness and Smart Light Assist automatically dips the beam specifically in these areas. Instead of automatically switching high beam off, the new technology is selective. This means, it is always possible to drive with high beam and take advantage of its long reach without dazzling other drivers or oncoming vehicles.


Driver Alert
Based on observed steering behaviour, the system recognises deviations from normal handling and a reduction in the driver’s concentration. 15 minutes after the engine has been started, Driver Alert analyses steering behaviour and stores the result as a basis for a warning signal. The multi-function display shows the message: ‘Fatigue detected – please take a break’.


Travel Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition
The Travel Assist system uses the camera in the rear-view mirror to scan the traffic signs on the current stretch of road. A picture processing module searches the scanned pictures for known traffic signs and compares the results with the navigation data. The traffic signs are shown as pictograms in the multi-functional display and/or the navigation system display.


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