Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems – Part 3

Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems – Part 3

ŠKODA automobiles are made even more safe and comfortable by their state-of-the-art assistance systems. But do you know what exactly Crew Protect Assist or Multi-Collision Brake entails? Take a look at the videos in the third episode of the series on ŠKODA assistance systems.

3. 8. 2017 Škoda World Innovation & technology

The “Childishly Simple” video series on Storyboard provides answers to abovementioned questions. Explanation for everyone: function of ŠKODA assistance systems. When driving in adverse conditions, the driver is protected by the all-wheel-drive system, which provides better control. The Hill Descent Control keeps the speed steady when driving down a steep hill, whereas the rain sensor takes care of wiping the windscreen.

You can watch two new explanatory videos here:

When there is a threat of collision, the Brake Assistant helps the driver increase the braking force and the Front Assist system can stop the vehicle on its own. The Crew Protect Assist mitigates the consequences in an accident by preparing the passengers for the impact, and the Multi-Collision Brake prevents the vehicle from going out of control after a crash.


How do assistance systems work?

All-wheel drive
The all-wheel drive system ensures an optimal transfer of force to the road and functions even at the vehicle’s maximum speed. At its heart, there is an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the rear axle. The control unit is continuously recalculating the ideal driving torque transferred to the rear axle. It also evaluates the driving conditions, ensuring the losses from transfer of power are practically zero. The distribution of the driving torque depends on driving style or the particular situation. In normal driving conditions, and especially with a small load and when engine braking, the engine’s force is transferred almost exclusively to the front wheels to save fuel.


Front Assist
The Front Assist system uses a radar sensor through which it can recognize critical situations in front of the vehicle involving other road users. If the system senses an impending collision with a stationary or moving obstacle, it progressively warns the driver and, if necessary, initiates automatic braking at maximum braking effect. This function is active at speeds over 5 km/h. The radar has a long range and works reliably even in low-visibility conditions.


Crew Protect Assist
Crew Protect Assist increases protection of passengers in the front seats in critical situations that could lead to a crash or overturning by closing side windows to leave only a 5 cm gap, shutting the roof window, and tightening seatbelts. In addition to the basic version, an advanced version is available in vehicles with the Front Assist system. It can intervene when recognizing that the vehicle is in danger of crashing into an obstacle in front of it.


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