Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems – Part 2

Childishly Simple: ŠKODA Assistance Systems – Part 2

ŠKODA automobiles owe their safety and comfort also to state-of-the-art assistance systems. But do you know what exactly Traffic Jam Assist or Parking Assistant entails? Take a look at the videos in the second episode of the series on ŠKODA assistance systems.

26. 6. 2017 Škoda World Innovation & technology

The “Childishly Simple” video series on Storyboard provides answers to abovementioned questions. Explanation for everyone: function of ŠKODA assistance systems. The driver is protected from unpleasant situations by a number of intelligent assistance systems, such as the innovative Traffic Jam Assist system, which helps out in case of a traffic jam.

You can watch two new explanatory videos here:

Systems protecting the driver from unpleasant situations also include those helping in parking, such as the Parking Assistant and Rear Traffic Alert.

How do assistance systems work?

Traffic Jam Assist
The Traffic Jam Assist system increases safety and comfort in traffic jams and back-ups. This assistant uses adaptive cruise control and the Lane Assist system. When the Lane Assist function is activated on the multi-functional display and the adaptive cruise control is activated, the vehicle can drive autonomously at up to 60 km/h in the appropriate lane. It can also brake and then move off again. For this system to operate, the driver must be holding the wheel.


Rear Traffic Alert
The Rear Traffic Alert system monitors traffic behind the vehicle and vehicles approaching from the sides when backing up. Radar sensors register objects at distances up to 20 m. If there is a risk of collision when backing out from a parking spot, a warning sounds. The relevant side is also shown on the infotainment system display first in yellow and then in red. If the driver does not respond, brakes are automatically activated.


Parking Assistant
All drivers who are unsure whether they can correctly estimate the size of the parking spot will welcome Parking Assistant. A vehicle equipped with Parking Assistant can find a sufficiently large gap between parked vehicles when the appropriate button is pressed. After a suitable gap is found (vehicle length + 80 cm) and the vehicle is in reverse, it performs the parking manoeuvre almost automatically. The car’s electronics control steering while the driver controls the speed with the pedal. The Parking Assistant communicates with the driver by verbal instructions and symbols shown on the vehicle display.


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