Okay, Laura, Let’s Talk

Okay, Laura, Let’s Talk

You’ve always been able to talk to your car. But an era is now dawning where it will start responding to what you have to say! Meet Laura.

25. 9. 2019 Škoda World Innovation & technology

Do you find it a chore entering commands on the infotainment system display and would rather have a car that listens to your every word? Then pay attention, because this digital assistant is perfect for you. Her name is Laura and she is making her début in the ŠKODA KAMIQ urban SUV and the compact ŠKODA SCALA.

Communication with digital assistant Laura is entirely intuitive and you can control her without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. This is because you don’t have to press anything to activate her. You simply wake her up with the words “Okay, Laura” and you can then start talking to her. 

Laura has already mastered six languages and even understands dialects. Obviously, she speaks English, but also German, Spanish, French, Italian and, needless to say given her provenance, Czech. Laura is always connected to the top-of-the-range Amundsen infotainment system, which, courtesy of its built-in eSIM, is constantly online. As a result, Laura has non-stop access to the internet and can respond promptly and flexibly to your questions and commands.

And what exactly can you order Laura to do? You can even just try your luck, of course, as you never know what she will be able to respond to. She has a wide-ranging skill set that is set to expand continuously in the future. For example, you can already dictate a text message to Laura, tell her to navigate you to your destination via the shortest route, or ask her to play some of your favourite music.


You can ask Laura to play some of your favourite music in ŠKODA KAMIQ.

With developments moving ever forwards, there will come a point when Laura is also able to engage in small talk. Conversations with her flow smoothly because she understands the natural flow of entire sentences, so there is no need, for instance, to learn predefined phrases. One detail – unassuming, and all the more pleasant for it – is that when you are talking with Laura the radio is not muted completely, but merely lowered in volume, so you get the sense of an authentic conversation. Before you know it, Laura will become your loyal travel companion.