ŠKODA‘s New Live Tour

ŠKODA‘s New Live Tour

The ŠKODA brand has recently opened two virtual showrooms, so called Live Tour, allowing its customers to get the ultimate experience of ŠKODA cars online, without the need to personally visit a real showroom.

10. 10. 2017 Škoda World INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY

Being a big fan of innovations and new technologies, ŠKODA has again decided to offer its customers something new, bringing them more comfort, no matter where they are. Now, you don‘t have to search for the nearest showroom, you can have your own private showroom at the reach of your fingertips. With full service and care, as if you were really there. Perfect for those of you, who are too busy or those living too far from their nearest car dealer, to just pop in to have a look at the latest car model. Live Tour was first opened in Spain, followed by another one in the UK.

This project has soon proved very popular and successful. After 8 weeks since it had been launched in Spain, there were over 800 calls, each of them taking on average 12 minutes, with 250 generated leads. The goal of this new service is to offer the best possible customer service using virtual agents, and at the same time surprises with great brand experience. So even if you have no time to visit a real showroom, or it is out of your reach, you still get the same experience and all necessary information. Online, yet with human touch. You don‘t need to be an advanced internet user, it is pretty simple.



ŠKODA Live Tour allows the customer to talk with an actual person, see their face in real time, and be taken around one of the latest models in a purpose built showroom. The service is available between 10.30 am – 9.30 pm every day of the week (in the UK for UK calls only). The customer has to give their mobile phone number and a Product Host will call them back.

Initiate a video call and be on hand to show them around, answering all their questions, and set up a test drive request with their local retailer, should they wish. They will see through the screen, either smartphone or laptop, the explanations of the agents or even a full live presentation of the models displayed at the virtual showroom. If a product host is available, you can take the video call immediately, or book for later.


Jonathan Harris
representative of the ŠKODA AUTO importer in the UK
Victor Roco Viladot
representative of the ŠKODA AUTO importer in Spain

There are two ways of communication. You can either choose the “One to Many“ option, where hundreds of visitor‘s questions are handled simultaneously, or opt for “One to One“ which involves live streaming and “co browsing” in the website for product or offer configuration and test-drive/dealership visit booking. The project is unique as it gives the customer a unique brand experience by offering the best online customer service through digital agents. Therefore, it should be a very user-friendly platform being able to solve any user question at real time, either related to promotion, connectivity or a new launch.

Preparation of such project isn‘t an easy one, however, it was turned around in just 3 months and 3 days in Spain! Victor Roco Viladot from the Spanish branch told us more about it: “It took us about three months to have everything arranged internally and set up and running. From the administrative procedures to the implementation of the software in the website, not to mention the selection and training of the agents.“ And what about the UK branch? Jonathan Harris, who runs the Live Tour, and describes himself as the person who “got this fantastic project up & running“, lets the numbers speak for him: “1,026 Live Tours took place and 17 cars were sold between the launch of Live Tour in April and the first half of August“.

Well, we can only add: “Good job there, gentlemen!“.



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