Tradition and exploration. Škoda has a new sound logo

Tradition and exploration. Škoda has a new sound logo

Škoda has presented its new sound logo. The short sequence of notes will become the Czech car company’s characteristic sound “signature”. It takes its inspiration from Bedřich Smetana’s symphonic poem Vltava.

22. 6. 2023 Škoda World

Don’t know what a sound logo is? Think of your favourite brand and try to think what it sounds like to you. It’s probably actually a familiar set of notes. Sound logos are a kind of musical “signature” that brands use to help identify themselves. It is typically used at the end of TV and radio commercials, but also in other audiovisual messages. Quite simply, whenever this sound is heard, you know which brand it is.

Listen to Škoda’s new sound logo:

Škoda also has its own sound logo. In the beginning, the team experimented with about fifty original sound “sketches”. Fifteen variations of the sound logo were created, with two of them proceeding to the final. The winner was decided by intensive testing in a survey in the Czech Republic, Germany, India and Italy. Fans of the brand can hear the resulting sound logo for the first time in a new brand campaign.

New brand campaign

As part of its new communication strategy, which is permeated by the spirit of exploration, Škoda has also prepared a new campaign, which will become the main communication line in more than 50 markets worldwide. The campaign presents the Škoda brand to customers as a bold companion for exploring the world. The odometer plays a central role, but the campaign’s story is about more than just distances travelled. “The odometer doesn’t actually count kilometres, but measures experiences, emotions, memorable moments, stories and places visited. In essence, it measures life,” says Veronika Ziegaus. “With this campaign, we want to encourage everyone around us to explore the world around them and spark their curiosity,” she adds.

Inspiration from home

The inspiration for the new sound logo was the symphonic poem Vltava from cycle My Country by Czech composer Bedřich Smetana. “As soon as the idea of using Vltava as inspiration came up, we knew we’d found the right starting point. Vltava is an iconic piece of music and is an expression of movement and exploration, while also managing to have a soothing effect,” says Veronika Ziegaus, head of Brand strategy & content production at Škoda.

Ziegaus_254dfa23_6db9d00c Veronika Ziegaus
Head of Brand strategy & content production at Škoda

The logo was particularly inspired by the opening of the symphonic poem, which contains a playful and uplifting motif. In the original, this section of the work is played by flutes and expresses the source of the river. This makes it a great melody expressing the start of a journey. The sound logo, however, is a modern take played on a synthesizer. The melody ends with a harmonically surprising and positive chord that evokes the experience of life’s beautiful moments. The logo embodies the core values of the Škoda brand and is also an expression of respect for the brand’s history of the brand and country of origin.

The brand campaign centres on an odometer, but this odometer measures emotions and unforgettable moments.

The resulting sound logo exists in several lengths and also in twelve different musical keys. This allows it to be used harmoniously in the context of any other music and in a variety of situations.

Who was Bedřich Smetana?

Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884) was a prominent Czech composer of the Romantic period. He found acclaim in Bohemia during his lifetime, especially after 1861, when he returned from a five-year stay in Sweden and became intensively involved in Czech social and cultural life. Smetana lost his hearing in 1874, but continued to work. One of his most famous compositions, the symphonic poem Vltava, dates from this period. Vltava is the second of the My Country cycle’s six movements and its strains continue to inspire composers around the world. It’s no wonder that Škoda, a car manufacturer proud of its tradition and country of origin but also a successful global brand, chose Vltava as the inspiration for its sound logo.