Give the keyboard a rest, close your eyes, and try to imagine where you would rather be than in the office right now. Perhaps pleasantly weary as you hike in the hills, the refreshing wind fanning your face, lying on a sandy beach by the shimmering sea, cocktail in hand, or in a café on a historic square, sipping a delicious espresso...? Fortunately, it will soon be time for the summer holiday you’ve been longing for, where your dreams are sure to come true. Do you know where you’re going to spend it yet? If you’re still wavering, here’s a list of tips for an amazing holiday packed with unforgettable European destinations easily reachable by car.



To make your preparations easier, read our list of essentials so you don’t forget anything.

check_01 REFLECTIVE VEST These are mandatory in many countries, sometimes even for everyone in the vehicle. They’ll be useless at the bottom of the luggage compartment, so be sure to keep them within reach.
check_01 SET OF REPLACEMENT BULBS You can’t drive in the dark. In some countries these are even mandatory. If you don’t feel up to changing them yourself, ŠKODA Assistance will help you free of charge.
check_01 WARNING TRIANGLEThis is an absolute necessity and an integral part of a car’s mandatory equipment. It must be placed where it is easily visible at a distance of at least 50 m behind the car (at least 100 m on a motorway).
check_01 FIRST-AID KIT Check its location in the car and expiration date. We hope you will never have to use it.
check_01 SUMMER WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID Good visibility is basic to safety, and that means you should keep the windscreen clean. A special summer washer fluid helps to remove insects more effectively, so don’t forget to fill up the reservoir.
check_01 TYRE PRESSURE Tyres with too low or even too high pressure have a substantially negative impact on driving characteristics and occupant safety, and especially so when the car is fully loaded.
check_01 FULLY FUNCTIONAL AIR CONDITIONING Without your AC, you will get baked in the summer. It should be checked periodically by an expert. If necessary, the pollen filter should be replaced, the system disinfected, and the coolant refilled.
check_01 NEXT SERVICE INSPECTION Check the date and kilometres remaining before your next regular service inspection. You don’t want to be worrying about it while travelling.
check_01 EUROPEAN ACCIDENT REPORTING FORM Although the official European accident reporting form is not part of the mandatory equipment, having it will substantially facilitate potential negotiations with insurance companies in the event of an accident.

Got everything? Download your own checklist!


This small country in the heart of Europe is a wonderful holiday destination offering a great variety of fun activities – Prague with its beautiful Old Town city centre, castles to explore history, dams and lakes for lazy recreation, high mountains, picturesque valleys and other natural sights. There’s something for everyone here.



While the majestic Tatras, with their unspoilt nature, are made for mountain tourism (everyone visits Štrbské pleso – and so should you, it is really amazing sight), there is also so much more to Slovakia – thermal spas, castles, open-air folk museums, caves and white-water rafting. Perfect destination for your European road trip!



As a result of its vastness and strategic location, Germany has a huge range of diversity, offering tourists both sea and the Alps, historical sights and modern architecture, and legions of natural parks and countless technical sights (museum in Sinsheim will astonish you). You simply can’t go wrong in Germany.





In the shadow of the Alps, there is plenty of fun to be had for everyone, even those who are not mountain-climbers. The best way to get to know Austria is from the saddle of a bike because the country has over 10,000 km of cycling trails (cycling around Hallstättersee Lake is spectacular) and several bike parks. You don’t need a car for your perfect road trip...



Italy is appealing not only to foodies, but also discerning tourists - the Italian Peninsula (and adjacent islands) offers a delicious mix, so you can go hiking in the mountains, sunbathe on the beach (visiting Amalfi is highly recommended as it is the most beautiful Italian coastline), admire ancient Roman monuments and relax in picturesque hamlets.



It is probably hardly a surprise to you that, besides its beautiful mountains and cool sea, Poland is also teeming with lavish and modest churches alike. Few know, however, that Poland also offers plenty of national parks, castles and fortresses (check out majestic Wawel complex), Second World War monuments, and even its own little desert! You shouldn’t miss Poland on your European road trip.



The clear Adriatic Sea is Croatia’s top destination in the summer months (especially Old City of Dubrovnik as part of the UNESCO heritage), but you can also enjoy water in its national parks, when rafting on rivers and at waterparks. The country also boasts Roman sights, and its local cuisine with regional specialities is ripe for discovery.


Select a destination, click on the map, and read a full article – complete with tips for excursions – about the country you have chosen:

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