Number of the Month: 140

Number of the Month: 140

One hundred and forty kilowatts – that’s the power of the 2.0 TDI engine propelling the ŠKODA KODIAQ. ŠKODA has donated two of these cars to the Hradec Králové Region’s ambulance service. In fact, many countries use ŠKODAs in their emergency medical services.

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The number 140 is the star of the show as the latest Number of the Month, ŠKODA Storyboard’s series in which we regularly shed light on interesting facts about ŠKODA cars, expressed through a particular number.

The two donated ŠKODA KODIAQs will be used in the immediate vicinity of ŠKODA’s Kvasiny and Vrchlabí production plants. Their powerful engines come complete with seven-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

The use of ŠKODA models to produce ambulances has a deep-seated tradition that has been saving lives for more than 110 years now.


ŠKODAs are popular among emergency medical and security services across Europe. A specially-fitted ŠKODA KODIAQ is used by ambulance service doctors in West Bohemia’s Plzeň Region, while London’s Air Ambulance has not only two KODIAQs, but also three OCTAVIA RS COMBIs. ŠKODAs are also used by British police and firefighters, and you will find them in the service of police officers in the Czech Republic and Switzerland, too.


“These are solidly made cars. We don’t have to change anything about them – not even the chassis – despite the fact that they are weighed down heavily with all of our gear. For example, in the back of a KODIAQ it’s not just the weighty protective equipment – such as a shield and bullet-proof vest – that we carry around, but also warning lights, warning triangles and plenty of other stuff,” says staff sergeant Jean-Philippe Jaquier, head of the transport department in Lausanne, Switzerland, as he praises the car.


The mountain rescue service in the Bavarian Alps has decided that the ŠKODA KAROQ is the perfect SUV for the job. They were persuaded by the KAROQ’s off-road prowess, roominess and safety.