Number of the Month: 1,401,500

Number of the Month: 1,401,500

Production of the ŠKODA FELICIA, the first car to be developed by ŠKODA within the Volkswagen Group, started 25 years ago. By 2001, 1,401,500 of these cars had rolled off the production lines in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí.

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The first-mass produced FELICIA was completed in Mladá Boleslav just after 10 o’clock in the morning on 17 October 1994. A follow-up to the FAVORIT and FORMAN, it was actually an all-new vehicle. Production required the use of 1,187 brand-new components.

skoda-felicia-model-old-red-promoThe ŠKODA FELICIA produced from 1994 (pre-facelift)

Besides the basic five-door hatchback, the FELICIA was also available as the FELICIA COMBI, PICKUP, VANPLUS and FUN. The entry-level engine was a 40 or 50 kW 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol unit. Starting in 1995, FELICIAs could also be fitted with a 55 kW 1.6 MPI petrol engine or a 47 kW 1.9 l four-cylinder diesel engine.

The FELICIA was given a facelift in February 1998. The headlights were revamped and it was given a new grille as it drew on inspiration from its big sister, the OCTAVIA.

The ŠKODA FELICIA also celebrated success in motorsport, with the ŠKODA FELICIA Kit Car participating in world championships. In 1996, the Swedish crew of Stiq Blomqvist and Benny Melander finished third overall in the British RAC Rally, and a year later ŠKODA ended up second in this championship category.

skoda-motorsport-felicia-rac-rallye-britainŠKODA FELICIA Kit Car, RAC Rally (Great Britain) 1996, the Swedish crew Stiq Blomqvist/Benny Melander

The number 1,401,500 is the star of the show as the latest Number of the Month, ŠKODA Storyboard’s series in which we regularly shed light on interesting facts about ŠKODA cars, on their past, present and future, and on events at ŠKODA, expressed through a particular number.

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