Number of the Month: 13,000

Number of the Month: 13,000

As the era of electromobility dawns, ŠKODA stands ready to embrace it, with more than 13,000 of the company’s employees having already taken an electromobility training course. Find out more about our August number of the month!

20. 8. 2019 eMobility

Since May 2016, the ŠKODA Academy has been running a special programme built on syllabuses that have been developed for various target groups by ŠKODA’s Technical Training Department.

Besides ŠKODA’s own employees, other beneficiaries of the company’s systematic training include students at vocational schools and suppliers. As a result, by the end of June 2019 the programme had been attended not only by company staff, but also by some 700 apprentices and 1,450 workers from suppliers.

ŠKODA has prepared a three-pronged qualification programme for its factory-floor workforce. The first two training levels are classroom-based and give staff such as car-body builders and painters the grounding they will need to work on electric vehicles.

ŠKODA AUTO vzdělává své zaměstnance na požadavky elektromobility

The third training level, hosted by the electromobility laboratory, offers a hands-on approach involving a real car. This stage of the qualification programme is intended for electrical engineering students and employees who will find themselves working on the vehicle systems.

The number 13,000 is the star of the show as the latest Number of the Month, ŠKODA Storyboard’s series in which we regularly shed light on interesting facts about ŠKODA cars, on their past, present and future, and on events at ŠKODA, expressed through a particular number.