A full 93% ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT owners choose the most advanced light systems for their car, i.e. full LED matrix headlights. These significantly improve night visibility.

10. 3. 2020 Škoda World

See and be seen. That is one of the key principles of road use, and it’s doubly relevant at night. Car headlights have made huge progress in recent years, and full LED matrix headlights are currently at the technology’s cutting edge.

Full LED matrix headlights create a beam of light from several smaller LED clusters that are switched on and off individually in line with current requirements in real time. The system makes use of a camera that monitors the road and recognises oncoming cars or cars travelling in the same direction. Based on the data received from the camera, it then switches off those clusters whose beam could dazzle other drivers. And of course, it can recognise multiple objects at once.

The system automatically both prevents dazzling and eliminates the need to switch from passing beam to full beam. That reduces strain on the driver’s eyes and the high-powered light improves the illumination of the road. The driver sees more and feels safer. And the drive itself is then demonstrably safer.

The first ŠKODA to receive full LED matrix headlights was the innovated SUPERB in 2019. And drivers took a liking to them. As many as 93% of ŠKODA SUPERB SCOUT drivers opt for full LED matrix headlights. These lights are also popular right across the SUPERB model range, with 68% of customers choosing them. As well as on SUPERB models, this technology is available for the fourth-generation OCTAVIA model.

The number 93 is the latest in the Number of the Month serial. In this serial, ŠKODA Storyboard regularly presents interesting facts and figures about ŠKODA vehicles – their history, present and future – or goings-on in the company ŠKODA, focusing on a particular number.