Safety: Excellent handling in demanding driving situations

› System responds to changing road conditions in milliseconds
› With 4×4 drive, each wheel transmits less power and maintains traction for longer
› Škoda Auto offers practical options and smart accessories for winter conditions

Mladá Boleslav, 17 January 2023 – Combined with advanced multi-link rear suspension, all-wheel-drive systems ensure excellent handling at all times. By distributing the driving power over four wheels, each wheel has to transmit less power than in a vehicle with two driven wheels, which means every wheel maintains traction for longer. This greater leeway until the adhesion limit is reached, for example for transmitting lateral forces, allows the vehicle to pull away even on slippery surfaces. Perfect for the cold season, Škoda Auto also offers comfort features such as heated seats, steering wheel and windscreen as well as auxiliary heating.

Stable handling and improved traction on slippery, wet and unpaved roads

Škoda’s 4×4 drive systems come into their own especially in winter, but they also offer great advantages on unpaved surfaces and when towing a caravan, boat or horse trailer. The electronic control system responds to changing road conditions within milliseconds and stabilises driving performance by redistributing the driving power even before the driver recognises a potential danger or can intervene manually.

Enyaq Coupé RS iV

Kodiaq RS

Intelligent multi-plate clutch and modern multi-link rear axle

At the heart of Škoda’s all-wheel-drive system for ICE vehicles is an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. All Škoda 4×4 models feature an advanced multi-link rear axle that ensures precise wheel control, enhancing handling, safety and passenger comfort.

Superb Scout 4×4

Octavia Scout 4×4

Physical advantage of all-wheel drive

The most important physical advantage of all-wheel drive is that the driving power is distributed over all four wheels. Each individual wheel transmits less power than in a vehicle with only one driven axle. This gives more leeway until the adhesion limit is reached, which can be used, for example, to transmit lateral guidance forces. Thus, the vehicle remains under control. In addition, the all-wheel drive can transmit more power, which improves acceleration and may even be necessary for pulling away.

Kodiaq RS

Octavia Scout 4×4

Comfort options for the winter

Škoda offers several options for added comfort throughout the winter. Steering wheel heating keeps your hands warm, and a heated windscreen ensures a clear view without having to scrape the ice. An ice scraper, one of Škoda’s best-known Simply Clever features, can still be found in the fuel filler cap or, in the case of Enyaq iV family vehicles, in the tailgate. Heated seats are also available as an option for passengers in the rear, and an optional auxiliary heater will warm up the interior and motor before you set off. For convenience, this can be pre-programmed or switched on wirelessly by remote control. Škoda Genuine Accessories also include practical rubber floor mats and boot liners, roof racks and/or roof boxes, for example for transporting ski equipment.

Enyaq Coupé RS iV

Enyaq Coupé RS iV


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