Software: New features, improved menu interface for even more
intuitive operation and new safety functions

› New vehicle software for increased user-friendliness and safety
› New navigation maps and speech-to-text display of voice commands
› More comfort and safety with Kessy Walkaway function

Mladá Boleslav, 4 December 2023 – The new software version will come with all 82 kWh battery Enyaq models produced from November 2023 onwards. This latest software release features a revised user interface modelled on the new Škoda CI/CD, an even more intuitive menu structure for the infotainment system and new navigation maps. Upgrades to the Laura digital assistant and the Kessy keyless entry system make for more ease of use, comfort and safety.

New functions and more advanced individualisation courtesy of latest vehicle software

The latest vehicle software featured on all Enyaq models with the 82 kWh battery rolling off the production line from November 2023 provides a wide range of new features. The infotainment system, head-up display and Virtual Cockpit are now modelled on the new Škoda CI. Various features now further enhance ease of use when interacting with the infotainment system. For example, it is now possible to customise “quick access buttons” for various vehicle settings – like the Lane Assist, the windscreen heating or the air recirculation function. Customisation of car apps such as the mobile phone menu or the media player or navigation is also possible. The navigation system comes with new map graphics as well as a larger map area and reorganised submenus. In addition, it is now designed to use the battery pre-conditioning function and can automatically start preheating the battery when the vehicle is heading towards a charging station, depending on the current battery temperature.

Improvements to Laura and Kessy as well as intuitive passenger seat adjustment

The new software also includes improvements to the Laura digital assistant and Kessy keyless entry system. Laura’s voice recognition is now more accurate, and the system can transcribe spoken commands using speech-to-text and display them on the infotainment screen for visual feedback. A new Kessy feature is the Walkaway function. It now automatically locks the doors when the owner moves 2 to 2.5 metres away from the vehicle while carrying the keys. The locked door status is confirmed with an audible signal from the alarm system’s horn. A new seat menu in the infotainment system adds further convenience. In all Enyaq models with electric seat adjustment, the driver can easily and safely adjust the front passenger seat, for example to accommodate a child seat or to create extra space in the rear.

Intelligent Speed Assist for added safety

The Intelligent Speed Assist adds even more safety and comfort. It uses traffic sign recognition and navigation data to automatically adjust the car’s speed in a more anticipatory and much smoother way, if desired. For example, it continuously and smoothly reduces vehicle speed to the 50 km/h speed limit before entering a built-up area.


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