Design: inspired by the FABIA Rally2 evo with striking wheels

› White paintwork with motorsport stickers designed by the students in collaboration with ŠKODA Design
› 15-inch wheels from OZ Racing and a vehicle weight of just 1,350 kilograms
› Stripped-back interior, roll cage and innovative drinking water generator

Mladá Boleslav, 23 May 2022 – The ŠKODA AFRIQ confidently expresses its rally genes. Many of the visual details of this unique vehicle are based on the design of the world’s most successful racing car, the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo. The eighth Student Concept Car stands on 15-inch wheels from OZ Racing. The white paintwork with coloured racing-style stickers are also eye-catching; they were created by the vocational students in collaboration with ŠKODA Design. The interior, which has been stripped down to the essentials, unmistakably resembles ŠKODA’s motorsport models. The highlights include two cameras and an innovative drinking water generator produced by the Israeli company Watergen.

Inspired by the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, the eighth Student Concept Car displays real motorsport flair at first glance: like the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, the ŠKODA AFRIQ is painted white and sports colourful stickers in true racing style. The apprentices designed these stickers in a joint project with ŠKODA Design. The 15-inch wheels from OZ Racing also underscore its dynamic appeal.

From four-door to two-door

Unlike the original KAMIQ model, the ŠKODA AFRIQ is a two-door model. To stiffen the body, the apprentices welded the two rear doors and connected them directly to the roll cage specially designed for the Student Concept Car. Just like the FABIA Rally2 evo, a ventilation flap is integrated into the roof, and the rear spoiler also comes from the successful WRC2 racing car from Mladá Boleslav. Other parallels to the rally FABIA include the additional headlights at the front and special quick-release fasteners on the bonnet and tailgate. The ŠKODA AFRIQ is 4,362 millimetres long, 1,870 millimetres wide and 1,570 millimetres high; it has a wheelbase of 2,649 millimetres and a ground clearance of 190 millimetres.

Infographic - ŠKODA AFRIQ

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Bucket seats, seat belts and steering wheel from the ŠKODA FABIA Rallye2 evo

When it came to kitting out the car, the apprentices enlisted the help of experts from ŠKODA Motorsport. The racing bucket seats, six-point seat belts, steering wheel and dashboard were taken directly from the ŠKODA FABIA Rallye2 evo. No rally car would be without a roll cage, and the AFRIQ’s features a custom-built unit, benefitting from a fire extinguishing system which is installed behind the passenger seat. The outlet nozzles for the extinguishing agent are distributed throughout the interior.

Infographic - ŠKODA AFRIQ

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Navigation system, cameras and a water generator

Other special details onboard include a rally-ready navigation system. Two cameras are also mounted to record spectacular drives. These also have microphones and store the recorded driving scenes on memory cards. One camera is located between the two seats near the roof, the second is fixed to the left A-pillar above the dashboard. Another innovative highlight is the water generator from the Israeli company Watergen, which extracts drinking water from atmospheric air. This means that the driver and co-driver always have drinking water available in the ŠKODA AFRIQ, similar to a water dispenser – fresh, filtered, mineralised, healthy and completely independent of the vehicle’s environment. The ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and the company’s in-house InnoPOC programme for testing innovative technologies supported the technology’s integration into the vehicle. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Israel scouted and tested the technology jointly with the Inno team and then made recommendations on its potential use. This is how the successful collaboration with the ŠKODA Academy came about.




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