ŠKODA iV ecosystem: Powerpass and three ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes

›  Recharging across Europe using just a single card: the Powerpass
›  Charging options include Ionity quick-charging network
›  ŠKODA offers ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes for the home and supports customers with planning and installation

Mladá Boleslav, 29 March 2021 – In addition to the production of electric vehicles, ŠKODA AUTO is also focusing on the development of the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. The Powerpass enables easy and convenient battery charging at points throughout Europe, including the Ionity quick-charging network. ŠKODA is also rapidly expanding the charging infrastructure at its dealers. For charging at home, the car manufacturer offers various ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes and supports customers with planning and installation.

When purchasing a ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, the Powerpass is available at a reduced price for one year following activation of the tariff. This allows users to charge their vehicles with ease using just one card at most of the 195,000 charging points in the EU. These include most public charging stations as well as fast chargers on international traffic routes and trunk roads. ŠKODA is helping to develop the charging infrastructure by being involved in building the Ionity quick-charging network throughout Europe and the installation of publicly accessible charging points at ŠKODA dealerships. The costs are in line with market standards and are charged to the customer in a transparent and convenient monthly Powerpass invoice. What’s more, buyers of a brand-new ENYAQ iV on the ‘Simply Charge’ basic tariff will benefit from a discounted base rate for one year. Anyone opting for the DC package can activate the ‘Charge Faster’ tariff for one year without having to pay the base fee at all.



ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes for the home including planning and installation

The ŠKODA iV Charger wall box for charging at home also forms part of the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. It is available in three variants. The ŠKODA iV Charger is the basic variant and the ideal solution for safely recharging the car at home. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect has a LAN and Wi-Fi connection, allowing the charging process to be controlled remotely via the Powerpass app. This wall box also has an RFID reader, enabling the user to securely identify themself before charging can begin, for example in residential car parks. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ can also communicate with the server over the mobile phone network via an LTE connection and is equipped with a certified electricity meter in addition to the RFID reader. The Powerpass app allows the energy used to charge the ENYAQ iV’s battery to be continuously tracked. Each ŠKODA iV Charger wall box comes with an installation service that addresses all of the technical questions in advance. This eCheck process comprises four steps. First, the general suitability of the desired installation location is assessed in an online pre-check. The next step is to order the ŠKODA iV Charger wall box that meets the respective requirements. Then an installation partner checks the infrastructure on site before the ŠKODA iV Charger wall box is installed. Following a functional test, the Charger is ready to use.


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