Safety: enhanced assistance systems and up to nine airbags

› Optional rear side airbags as part of the enhanced proactive Crew Protect Assist feature
› Travel Assist includes various systems
› Park Assist, Trailer Assist and Area View for increased comfort

Mladá Boleslav, 4 April 2022 – The KAROQ offers further improved assistance and safety systems as well as up to nine airbags. Travel Assist incorporates seven assistance systems, including Predictive Cruise Control, Adaptive Lane Assist and an improved version of Traffic Sign Recognition. The optional Crew Protect Assist system reacts to impending collisions to prevent an accident or minimise the severity of its consequences.

The KAROQ can be fitted with up to nine airbags. Driver and front-passenger airbags are fitted as standard in the EU, as are front side airbags, curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag. Side airbags in the second row of seats are optional as part of Crew Protect Assist. If the vehicle sensors – now also at the rear – detect an imminent collision or register sudden braking, the system automatically closes any open windows and, if necessary, the panoramic roof, and activates the hazard lights and pre-tensions the front seat belts. Following impact, Multi-Collision Brake brings the vehicle to a stop, preventing it from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner. In the event of an accident, the eCall+ emergency call now also informs the rescue services about the number of people in the vehicle and how the accident occurred.

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Enhanced assistance systems increase safety and comfort

KAROQs sold in the EU feature Front Assist with City Emergency Brake and Predictive Pedestrian Protection as standard. The optional Travel Assist feature comprises seven assistance systems, some of which are also available separately. These include Predictive Cruise Control, which uses images from the camera on the windscreen as well as data from the navigation system and, if specified, reacts in good time to speed limits or corners. If the KAROQ is fitted with a DSG, the ACC’s Stop & Go function can automatically bring the vehicle to a standstill and have it pull away again within up to three seconds. Travel Assist also includes a more accurate version of Traffic Sign Recognition, thanks to an improved camera, and Adaptive Lane Assist is now able to identify roadworks and all road markings. Travel Assist also includes Emergency Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert, which warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind up to 70 m away. Using Hands-on Detect, Travel Assist also checks whether the driver is touching the steering wheel every 15 seconds or if they no longer have control due to a potential medical emergency. In this case, Emergency Assist activates the hazard lights and brings the car to a stop in its current lane. The optional Park Assist feature can automatically manoeuvre the vehicle into and out of parking spaces, while the integrated Manoeuvre Assist system detects obstacles in front of and behind the vehicle, automatically bringing the KAROQ to a stop if required. The 360-degree image of the optional Area View system, as well as the optional Trailer Assist feature, make parking even more convenient. Some of the assistance systems mentioned will not be available until later in 2022.

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