Emotive and dynamic: the new ŠKODA design language and refined aerodynamics

› Sculptural shapes, defined surfaces, precise details: the new SCALA is ‘Simply Surprising’
› The first ŠKODA in Europe to bear ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering at the rear instead of the brand’s logo
› Optional Emotion package with an extended rear window and large panoramic glass roof

The SCALA showcases the next stage of development in ŠKODA’s new design language that the brand has dubbed ‘Simply Surprising’. Clear-cut lines and crystalline design features lend the car an even more dynamic appearance and create emotive appeal. The SCALA is ŠKODA’s first production vehicle to mark its bold identity by bearing ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering on its tailgate. This is a debut for a model in Europe.

Oliver Stefani, Head of ŠKODA Design, explained, “The SCALA is an important step in the development of ŠKODA’s design language. It is not just practical and affordable for everyone which has been characteristic for our vehicles. Visually, the SCALA is also particularly powerful, sporty and highly emotive.”

At first glance, the new SCALA impresses with perfect proportions, defined surfaces and flowing lines. Thanks to its refined aerodynamics, it comes across as modern and sporty, and has completely redefined the compact car segment between the FABIA and OCTAVIA for ŠKODA. The SCALA is the perfect blend of dynamism, emotiveness and ŠKODA’s typical user-friendliness, making it ‘Simply Surprising’ – the next step in ŠKODA’s design language. The use of ‘ŠKODA’ in block letters at the rear, making its debut on a ŠKODA model in Europe, emphasises this development in particular.

Optional Emotion package for even more elegance and dynamism

The new lettering is shown off to its fullest on the dark glass of the extended rear window. As part of the optional Emotion package, the rear window blends seamlessly into the large panoramic glass roof and the black roof spoiler. The glass roof has an electrically retractable sunblind that – innovatively – opens from back to front, thereby providing passengers in the rear with increased headroom and impressive views. The wing-mirror housings in the Emotion package come in black, and the package also includes full LED headlights and tail lights. The Image package also includes the extended rear window, full LED tail lights and black wing-mirror housings; the roof spoiler is body-coloured.


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Crystalline headlights with LED technology create visual highlights

In addition to their technical functions, the SCALA’s innovative LED headlights and tail lights are also important for the design. The headlights are narrow and tapered and, together with the striking upright radiator grille, the large air inlet positioned beneath it and the side Air Curtains, shape the compact model’s front. The headlight units feature the brand-typical crystalline elements. The signature ‘ŠKODA Crystal Lighting’ on the headlights and the razor-sharp tail lights emphasise the link to the tradition of Bohemian crystal glass art. In conjunction with the rear fog lights and reflectors, the tail lights form the typical ‘C’ shape. The SCALA is the first ŠKODA to offer the option of dynamic rear indicators. They are an ideal addition to the wide rear, which boasts an aerodynamically optimised roof spoiler and a sporty diffuser underneath the bumper. The side view is dominated by the ŠKODA-specific tornado line, which makes the car appear longer and is in perfect harmony with the dynamic roofline.



Up to 18-inch, aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels

The SCALA’s perfect proportions are underpinned by large wheels, which are available with diameters of up to 18 inches – such as the silver Vega and Sirius alloys. The range of wheels available for the SCALA starts with 15- and 16-inch steel wheels; alloy wheels are available in diameters of 16 inches and upwards. The 16-inch Hoedus, 17-inch Propus and 18-inch Vega Aero wheels, which are all new, play a special role. They all come in gloss black and have been aerodynamically optimised to make the car more streamlined.


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Twelve paint finishes

There is a choice of twelve different paint finishes for the SCALA. Four are standard colours – blue, red, white and grey – and the remaining eight finishes are all metallic. These include the sporty Race Blue and Rally Green, which is well-known thanks to the brand’s rally presence.


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