Connectivity: advanced infotainment systems with smartphone integration

› Central colour touchscreen measuring 7 or 10 inches
› Navigation function for the top-of-the-range system can be downloaded

Mladá Boleslav / Pune, 18 November 2021 – Both infotainment systems available for the new ŠKODA SLAVIA can be operated easily and intuitively, and entirely via the colour touchscreen measuring 7 or 10 inches. They feature SmartLink technology enabling the integration of smartphones. The Ambition and Style trim levels provide access to a plethora of MyŠKODA Connect mobile online services with ŠKODA Play Apps, which can be used to download a navigation function for the top-end infotainment system.

There is a choice of two advanced infotainment systems for the new SLAVIA. These allow smartphones to be paired via SmartLink technology and provide access to mobile online services. Both are operated entirely via the central, colour touchscreen, which measures 7 inches in the Active specification. This infotainment system also allows for hands-free phone calls via a Bluetooth connection and a built-in microphone. Electronic devices can be charged and data transferred via a USB-A socket. MyŠKODA Connect offers a Vehicle Health Report on the smartphone and remote vehicle access, allowing owners to retrieve vehicle information and driving data, including parking location. The MyŠKODA Connect app also provides tips for a more efficient driving style, retrieves over-the-air vehicle software updates, and notifies the owner if the SLAVIA is speeding or travelling outside a specified area. ŠKODA Play Apps can be downloaded from the app store.



10-inch display and optional navigation function for the range-topping infotainment system

The top-level infotainment system in Ambition and Style has a 10-inch colour touchscreen with functionality similar to that found in smartphones. Wireless SmartLink technology allows smartphone mirroring and access to the app store without the use of a cable. Downloads from the ŠKODA Play Apps allow for the range of features to be expanded, for example, by a navigation function. The coordinates are provided by a GPS tuner that has been pre-installed in the vehicle. This system also features a dual tuner, a Wi-Fi hotspot and an external microphone for hands-free phone calls (Bluetooth standard 4.0). For connecting and charging mobile devices via cable, there are two USB-C sockets in the centre console and another two in the rear from the Ambition trim level upwards; the SLAVIA Style comes with a Phone Box in the front, which allows smartphones to be charged inductively.


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