All-in-one: The new MyŠKODA App is launched

› ŠKODA continues to consolidate its smartphone applications
› Simple changeover for users of previous ŠKODA apps
› New MyŠKODA App now available from Google Play and the App Store

Mladá Boleslav, 22 December 2020 – The Czech car manufacturer is combining its mobile services into a single app – the new MyŠKODA App. At the beginning of the year, the previous ŠKODA OneApp was integrated into the ŠKODA Connect App, and now the ŠKODA Connect App has been incorporated into the current MyŠKODA App. The new app will keep the name MyŠKODA App and offers users access to all the mobile online services of ŠKODA Connect. In addition, it provides all the information about their vehicle and the network of ŠKODA service partners. Switching over is easy for anyone using the previous apps. The new application, whose logo incorporates elements of ŠKODA’s design language, is now available from Google Play and the App Store.

From now on, there can only be one – the new MyŠKODA App, with which ŠKODA is taking the next strategic step towards simplifying its applications. In the new MyŠKODA App, the Czech car manufacturer is combining the previous MyŠKODA App with the ŠKODA Connect App. From now on, the ŠKODA Connect App will form the basis of the new application, making the changeover particularly easy for users of the ŠKODA Connect App: They simply need to update the app they currently use, and then they can use the new MyŠKODA App.

People who have been using the MyŠKODA App up to now must install the new application and can then log in on their device using their current access data. The customer accounts are transferred to the new app automatically; there is no need to register again or re-add ŠKODA vehicles that are already registered. Users who do not have a ŠKODA ID and have previously logged in to the App with login data from external providers, such as Facebook, must create a ŠKODA ID on the ŠKODA homepage or directly in the new MyŠKODA App. The new app is now available from Google Play and the App Store. The previous MyŠKODA App will be discontinued after the changeover phase.

All the benefits of two apps now combined into one
The new MyŠKODA App offers all the functions of the previous two apps in one application. It delivers a consistent user experience across smartphones, smartwatches (iOS only) and the central display of the car’s infotainment system. As with the previous MyŠKODA App, users can access their car’s operating manual, and manuals for all ŠKODA models are now included. There is also information about ŠKODA service partners, even abroad, in case there are problems with the car, for example, when on holiday. The new MyŠKODA App also offers support for vehicles that do not have access to the mobile online services of ŠKODA Connect, or that cannot be connected directly via SmartLink. In addition, ŠKODA drivers will find all the features they are familiar with from the previous ŠKODA Connect App in the new one. These include, among other things, remote vehicle access, which allows the vehicle to be locked and unlocked via the app and displays the current parking location of the vehicle if required. Current driving data and information on the vehicle’s condition, such as range and maintenance intervals can also be accessed. Specific e-mobility features are available for electric ŠKODA models, such as a remote control for charging the battery.

Future plans for the ŠKODA Connect App
The previous ŠKODA Connect App has been available for Android and iOS in more than 30 markets since 2016 and currently has more than 500,000 active users. A ŠKODA vehicle with online access on a prepaid basis is required to use the mobile online services of Care Connect and Infotainment Online. The services can be used for one or three years, with renewal options available.

ŠKODA has ambitious plans for future versions of the new MyŠKODA App. Mobile online services are already being prepared for the all-electric SUV ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, which will be launched in spring 2021. There are also plans to further improve the user experience and user interfaces, and the MyŠKODA App will also be released in other markets soon.

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