Dealer Rebranding in Record Time: 1500 ŠKODA Dealerships Now Feature New Corporate Design

​› Focus on the customer: Modern design, user-friendly processes and ŠKODA Human Touch provide a great experience
› New look for ŠKODA dealerships: Bringing new showrooms in line with brand and products to best represent the growing product range
› Implementation in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and intensified in other regions in 2016

​Mladá Boleslav, 11 December 2015 – ŠKODA is picking up the pace in implementing the new Corporate Identity (CI) of their dealership network. The AUTO.POINT 21 SAS dealership in in Luisant, south-west of Paris, recently became the 1500th ŠKODA dealer to switch over to the new corporate design just three months after ŠKODA Partner number 1000. In addition to Europe, the new dealership look will be implemented throughout Asia, Africa and Australia.

“Whilst running the largest model campaign in ŠKODA’s history, we are changing the look of ŠKODA’s dealerships around the world, working closely with our sales partners to guarantee sustainability. We are pleased to have already implemented the changes in 1500 showrooms since early 2014,” explains ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing Werner Eichhorn. “This new look is the perfect platform for ŠKODA’s modern model range. At the same time, we are reshaping all the operations and processes to inspire customers at the dealerships.

The changeover to the new dealership CI began around two years ago, and the project has gained significant momentum over the past few months. In addition to the European home market, the new design has been implemented at dealers throughout China, Russia and India, as well as sales centres in Australia, Taiwan and Algeria.

Be it in Prague, Paris, Sydney or Taipei – the ultimate goal of the new ŠKODA dealership-look is to facilitate fast, direct and open communication with clients. In keeping with the brand’s ‘Human Touch’ strategy, having personal contact with clients is the highest priority. This applies to the whole look and architecture of the dealership, which is very spacious and transparent both inside and out. ŠKODA sales partners are also being trained in providing the highest customer satisfaction.

The new dealership CI is an integral part of ŠKODA’s growth strategy. Over the past five years, the manufacturer has implemented the most comprehensive model campaign in their 120-year history. The entire range has been renewed and the brand has expanded into new segments. One major highlight of 2015 has been the introduction of the new ŠKODA Superb.

The automaker plans to continue this success over the coming years. In addition to sustaining ŠKODA’s proven strengths, the company is placing increasing emphasis on enhancing the emotional appeal of the brand and models, which is reflected in the dealerships’ new image.

151211 1500 SKODA Dealerships Now Feature New Corporate Design

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